Night murmurs Breaking the dream I hang By a thread Slumber turns her head Like a scorned lover Dawn tantalizingly beckons Revealing only glimpses Between two worlds Wakefulness and stupor Light and shadow Future and past Coveted yet unclaimed In a limbo I lie

Dragon For Tea : A haiku challenge

Came across this interesting Haiku Challenge based on a poem by Miss E – An Eight year old little girl. The two prompt words are ‘Dragon’ and ‘Invite’. Who could possibly pass up a challenge like that? Hope you like these Miss E🙂

Bougainvillea Shower

  Amidst hot sand A pleasant bower Hushed hills Rope swing And Bougainvillea Shower   In my desert state where everything else refuses to grow, Bougainvilleas grow unabashedly. These unassuming vines add colour and lure to the otherwise brown summer landscape. Spent last evening under a riotous magenta Bougainvillea. 

The Word Eating Mongoose

He peeped at me , from behind the stone As if asking, what I was doing in his home I offered him a Chocolate treat Sort of like a ‘Thank-you for having me over’ gift The chocolate he scorned at “Even mongoose ‘ave got to maintain their weight Besides the give  and take must be…


  Through the window    She watches   The long tarred road    That winds down    To the big city , dazzling  with lights   The place where dreams are spun   Longingly she looks  At the woman  Driving purposefully by    How fulfilling her life!   How meaningful!   She sighs      …


Hi! I’ve been gone so long that I wonder if any of you remember me any longer? Was home for the weekend . Wrote this one in response to ‘Envy’ at the Daily Post. Just my way of saying hello to all of you🙂


You hurt me. Perhaps you didn’t mean to  But you did. It’s not your fault That I hurt so easy. Or maybe it is… I had a hide. The hide I use for strangers. Strangers?  Because they hurt. Over the years I have learned to wear one. But you peeled it off. Tricked me into…

The Perfect Dream

  When you sleep Huddled in bed What is it That you dream of?   The small smile That plays on your lips That one Right there What does that mean?   Is it a friend? Playing a favorite game A song, some birds Do you know their names? Or is it me? Something funny…

Living in a fool’s world?

  Today, I wish to speak about the experience of being a girl. What does being a woman mean in our part of the world? It means Always walking with one’s head bent low. If you are a modern woman like I am it means you no longer bend your head but you do keep…

The ‘Parent ‘ Train

The parent-train We feed them and we burp them We love them to death We scold them and scare them Watch their every step We coddle them and discipline them And teach them all we know We help them scale heights And hold them when they’re low From the moment they are born Till the…


I remain still

Ignoring the throb in my shoulder