Discovered Today! The Ingredient of Positivity

Why is it that some people become so negative, so pessimistic, so cynical that they suck out the life from themselves and others around them? What makes them like this?


As children we are all born into laughter, curiosity, trust, joy.


When do some of us exchange that for a permanent mantle of despair and unhappiness? Do some life events force this change?


For surely no one will opt to live a life of  bleakness by choice. Maybe an unhappy childhood, loss of a loved one, a bad life experience forces certain people to view the world  henceforth with weary eyes. They remain always on the watch for presumed treachery. And when the slightest of  obstacles come their way they feel vindicated. Their world view gets confirmed.


On the other hand one also comes across people who face the worst. The story of their lives is full of adversities and loss and yet they haven’t given up. There is still  joy and the happiness, the urge to set things right, the power to trust and the belief  in a better tomorrow.


Where does this difference come from? Is it that some of us are born to be unhappy and distrustful and others the opposite. Or is the mystery deeper? Did god really make us all the same? Is there a key to this puzzle?


If only there was a magic ingredient. A wonder formula. A process by which we could make the change.


A way by which we could fill these sad souls with the beauty of life.  Reveal to them once again (for surely they must have known it as children) that the world is full of goodness waiting to be discovered. Friends waiting to be made, songs waiting to be sung, life waiting to be lived.


That would be a true discovery.  An invention to outshine all others. Discovery of  the ingredient of ‘Positivity’!


Can it be done?

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  1. yogisgardenpushkae says:

    Reading this I am tempted to talk about the experience of meditation. There are many techniques to meditate but I suppose they all lead to the same goal, which is to eradicate suffering. One technique I learned is Vipassana. It teaches to see reality as it is, and the nature of impermanence (anicca). Knowing that every “thing” is impermanent should allow us to cultivate detachment, the main source of suffering.
    When practicing meditation on a regular basis, one also cultivates love and compassion, naturally… “May all beings be happy” (S N Goenka)

  2. Im using a tiny problem I cant subscribe your feed, Im using google reader fyi.

    1. Do u mean that u r facing a problem in getting feeds.. i am not an expert on this.. but they have added a follow button.. have u tried that?

  3. I need the idea greatly.where can i download the idea!

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