A little girl makes Headlines… Again!

Girl under leaves.

Don’t do it little girl. Stop! for a minute and think

Things may be difficult right now

Look through the  layers of disappointments, the scathing remarks

Beyond the nonacceptance, the loneliness

And delve in deep…


Fish out  one happy memory, little girl

When you were two maybe and your mom tucked you in bed

Or at Seven, when you got a new frilly dress

A festival, a movie, a song you like?

A pet? A friend?

Even if s/he is no longer in your life

A kind word, a good thought, a beautiful place you once saw

Your favorite food, a book you like, a teacher who enjoyed what she taught

Just one happy memory! on that you draw

Your aspirations, your dreams , what you would like to do

Things may seem complicated now but little girl its true

With time nothing seems as critical as it does, right now to you

Just hang in –

Another month, a week, another day, an hour

Though what you face now may seem like the  end

There is a silver lining, not so far

You may see no future, no other way to end this pain

Believe me , parents forgive, friends forget

People can be cruel but memories fade

Life goes on little girl

There is no wrong you’ve done, that hasn’t been done before

The deepest disappointments have been felt before

Treachery, deceit in this world do live

But so do beauty , innocence and light

If god is giving you too much pain

Just square up your shoulders and lift again

Many have walked this  path before little girl

With experience we say

Stop!  a moment little girl, Draw in a deep breath

Step out and give

Something to the world

Anything small will do, it needn’t be big

A smile to a stranger

An ice-cream to the beggar child

That pretty dress, to the maid

To an old age home – Some time

Just go out and give

There is so much you still have in there

Your life may seem blank to you

But its a dream for quite a few

One day the birds will sing again,

The world will be bright

The sun will shine

You will see your parents eyes light  up with pride

Another friend will come, you will be understood

And  life will  again be full of love

Paths will come up where none now exist

Just reach out to someone. Always helps to connect

Give that room mate, the old friend, that  cousin a call

Let your feelings out,  release

Just hang on little girl  don’t give up

Thousands have walked this path, little girl

Some have faced what you do too

Ending your life isn’t the answer little girl

There are other ways too

Inspired by a news article in Times of India – September 7, 2011; Page 3; “Girl Ends Life”

Suicides in India: Some Facts

  • It is estimated that over 100,000 people die by suicide in India every year. India alone contributes to more than 10% of suicides in the world.
  • A study in Vellore found that between 50 and 75 per cent of all deaths in adolescent girls and about a quarter of all deaths in boys aged 10 to 19 were suicides.
  • Every four minute, one person takes his or her life in the country and one in each three of the victims is a youth below the age of 30 years
  • It is observed that social and economic causes have led most of the males to commit suicides whereas emotional and personal causes have mainly driven females to end their lives

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  1. Arindam says:

    Excellent piece of writing. Wonderful wonderful thought behind this piece of writing. Keep up the great work.

    1. thanks arindam! was wondering if I was the only one who liked this one!.. its my favorite..

      1. gsaurabh2 says:

        My favorite too …

      2. what can I say? we have great taste chints!

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