Have you had a Birthday, in the last 12 Months??

Was going through my Facebook page today. FB has this really irritating new side strip. It shows comments made by anyone even remotely connected to you. Among the usual comments about what people had/ having for dinner, breakfast and lunch I came across one that said “last 87 minutes of being 37”. Not much on Facebook  fazes me any longer. But turning 37 in 87! I mean, seriously?

 Birthdays are important! As reminders  of the day we began this journey called life. And thus qualify as events to be marked out and celebrated. But do birthdays really mean so much? Do they signify getting mature? Does that one second when the needle of the clock moves from 11:59:59 to 12:00:00 bring one wisdom, maturity, age or even wrinkles? Is that one second really any different from all the other seconds we have lived through the year?

And yet there are other seconds/moments that really do age or mature you.  For instance,

The moment you lose a parent or a spouse or a loved one.

Or the instance u have your  baby.

The minute you start living on your own.

The second you fall in love or

The moment when someone you do love breaks your heart

The minute you make that career choice

The first time you walk into your workplace

The instant you face your first deceit…

These are the  defining moments in life.   Life teaches us very important lessons. The ones that make us grow up, and age, and mature and give us those wrinkles and gray hair. But it doesn’t wait for birthdays to do that.

It doesn’t care whether you are a Piscean or a Scorpion or a Libran. It doesn’t care how many candles you had on your last birthday cake. It teaches us what it chooses to, and no matter how prepared or ill prepared we are we have no choice but to learn the lesson it brings.

Those among us who are quick to regain their balance after being caught completely off guard,  find life bearable and those of us who find it difficult to accept whatever it is that life brought, live it with laments.

Its true life is unfair, some of us may have more abrupt challenges thrown to us at earlier ages, and thus, in my opinion, maturity and growth has little to do with age. More to do with these defining moments!

Its not all bleak though, the good thing about seeing age in terms of defining moments is, that unlike age by years that only goes up, defining moments can both age you and make you younger. The ones that bring you happiness, joy and carefree times again make you feel young and reckless again. When we experience them age seems to slip away.

It’s a two way street… the age that life brings…

So, my friends , my question to you today is :

Have you had a birthday, in the  last one year? A Real Birthday that brought you maturity and wisdom and not just another candle?


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  1. Such a lovely, thought-provoking post.Thanks for sharing! And amazingly, yes, I too have had a birthday in the last 12 months, and it will be coming around again shortly-eeeeeek!! 🙂

    1. glad u liked it ! hope u have a great birthday! 🙂

  2. puddinggirl says:

    thanks for the pingback!… and I had a great birthday yesterday!

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