The magical sea shell!

Sitting by the pristine white beach side… watching my daughter collect shells in her yellow sand play bucket… I begin to muse.  I am given to musing u see!

I think, Aren’t we all like the small creatures of the sea? Like the snails , crabs, and the mollusks. We go through life, creating our own little measly  shells. We feel safe inside them. We think they will protect us from the Big bad world. And so its a shock when some event happens, that is beyond the capacity of our little seashell to fend off.

It’s then that  we realize that the shell we had so painfully created and so unquestioningly trusted was really quite inadequate. The security we felt was just a mirage. The magical powers we had bestowed upon it, were just our  faith. Eventually we are all forced to step out of our  self-made shell domains, and face the vast unfamiliar world. Naked, alone and defenseless.

And our shells! the ones we had created with such zeal, are left behind strewn on the sands of time. For some young girl to find and exclaim over. Oh! so pretty ! she says. While we look on bemusedly. For we know, they are just shells really! Only an example of our fear of the world. Of our instinct for self-preservation.

I wonder if this is the time to teach my 7-year-old ,  a lesson –  that to preserve one self stepping out is inevitable. Or let her continue to live, in her own pink hued world , where sea shells are not a calcium compound an insignificant sea creature outgrew. But  a  magical, beautiful promise made by god to protect and shield us forever.



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