Are you cursed with a Woman’s heart?

People say it’s a curse being a woman

I never thought it true

Always, did pretty much what I wanted to do

Studied, played, worked, roamed the world

And being a woman never really seemed a curse

Of course there were troubles

Minor irritations at best

Proprieties to maintain and Cinderella times to be kept

The unending discourses on what a woman should or not do

Well meaning Threats and advices that all of ‘us’ must know

But, it was never a big deal-

One learns to shrug them off-

With polite smiles, and cursory nods

They would not hold me back from discovering this earth

From meeting strangers, traveling new lands

Exploring possibilities and leaving my footprints on every bank of sand

In fact I always silently thanked god

Being woman was fun, the way I thought

Perks of being born a woman in a family of means

No family business to shoulder, no real pressure to earn

Girls could express – Cry, laugh, pout and complain

Friendships were deeper, bonding stronger

In the feminine world everything was softer

Dressing and dreaming and doing pretty much what u wish

Being a girl seemed like such bliss

And then, when adulthood hit

I finally woke up to the ‘curse’ bit

Women are generous, nurturing,  always giving

They care and cherish and are gullible and forgiving

And even when someone breaks their heart

Women cry and crumble but they don’t lash out

It’s very easy for a man to forget

To bully, to threaten, blame and storm out

But even when a woman’s been wronged

She tries her best to make it work out

And no matter how painful the end

In her heart the sentiments always remain

The memories, the feelings, the gentle reminders

Those live in her heart till her very end

Don’t allow her to hate and instead defend

The very person who caused her the pain

To be a woman is not a curse

The curse lies in having a woman’s heart …


4 Comments Add yours

  1. shilpa says:

    I’m waiting for the day when there’ll be a pile of these and it’ll become a book that I can own..!

  2. really?? shilps the wedding is fixed.. no need to butter prospective sis in laws now..:)

  3. Vishal says:

    Depends on whether you look at it as a curse or a boon – having a woman’s heart.

    It’s because of this heart of women that sanity still exists in the world and so does love. I may not want to be a woman, though I love that gender, but I long to spend my spare time in the arms of one who cares for me.

    If it wasn’t for this heart of yours, nothing would differentiate you from us heartless men…

    Cheers 🙂

    1. every curse is also a boon.. depends on your vantage point at the moment.. thanks for stopping by! cheers..

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