I once met a Tiger…

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I once met a tiger outside its jungle home

I asked him Mr. Tiger don’ you get lonely on your own?

The tiger smiled, a tiny tiger smile and looked at me like I was a silly child

“I was born to be alone. Not for me these masses and crowds, you call friends, not for me the sound and light u call events. My thoughts are my friends. In  these I revel!”

Intrigued I asked again.

Mr. Tiger, not even your family, children, partner, mom or dad?

The tiger looked at me like I was mad!

“Relationships are great! but they are means of entering this world. Does death know any relationship? or hunger? or thirst? Life is my relative! Towards survival I work!”

My curiosity was increasing. It –  I could not quell. Risking his anger, I asked again.

Its alright to survive, but what about quality of life? Isn’t that important, pray tell?

The tiger now glared at me, not amused by my idiocacy.

“I am the king of my jungle, I eat and drink as I please. I roam free. I  don’t need permission to doze or sneeze. I am answerable to none and none dare to cross my line. Can you honestly say quality of your life is better than mine”?

Even my ‘society numbed’ mind was beginning to see the point.But one last nagging doubt remained. To ask or not was the debate. At last I gathered all my courage and put it boldly across.

But Mr tiger won’t it be nice, to have someone look after you when you are… ummm… beyond a certain age. Sick or injured or just suffering bad fate? Isn’t that why we have children in the first place?

The tiger looked reflective and I thought I had finally nailed him. Surely even the mighty tiger could not deny, the need for  someone to lean on in his last days.

But then he answered… Almost gently, as if not wishing to break my human heart.

“Child! that’s the biggest illusion of them all. The fountainhead from which all troubles start. Children we have to continue life. Its the debt we owe for entering this world. To have young ones and raise them, to teach them to survive. That is our role in this circle of life. To expect anything more just reason for heart break and strife!”

I looked at him with my newly enlightened eyes. Not only was he majestic, he was also very bright. And much more sorted than me in his mind. I thanked him for his precious time.

And wondered if its time that we  humans turn a little “wild”


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  1. swagata says:

    wonderful saps….just wonderful…

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked the piece. I had written this long back. Had almost forgotten it myself 🙂

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