ShShhhhhhh! The ‘words’ are asleep!

Words, they surround me like air. They jump at me, clamoring to be touched, held, used…

Sometimes in their eagerness to reach me, they bump into each other like unruly children, in line for a special treat…

Distorting each other, till they lose their meaning …

And sometimes when the push is just right they join to make another new, more relevant word. A  word just right!

Sometimes one of them claims all my attention like a sick child

And at others, another  gives me tantalizing glimpses, but remain in the shadows refusing to step out. Determined to win this game of  hide and seek it thinks we are playing.

Words are my best friends. They soothe me, like the touch of a cold concerned hand on my fever hot forehead.

Words my worst enemies, they get into my heart like double-bladed daggers carving out wounds that I am powerless to fill.

Words! sometimes I wish I had never said them. They hang like a curtain of fire  between me and my loved ones refusing to let us see each other. Making the short distance between us “un-travel-able”

Words, like wildly swaying hanging bridges that I  hold on to with all my might , to help me  reach  into an open heart.

Words sometimes I own them, like a potter that molds his clay.  I frame  them,  to convey just what I mean.

But many times (and I wish this weren’t true) –  Words, they own me! making me convey the most outrageous things that I never really meant.

And what about the words, that I wish I had said. They gnaw at me inside my head. Like sharp shards of  glass. They bite me, threatening to explode out and claim their rightful place in the world.

And have you ever thought? What would be if they didn’t exist?  Or at least if there were enough only to fulfill our basic needs. A word for food, another for water, a few more to help us keep.

But vast majority of them yet undiscovered, still fast asleep

Why were they stirred, who brought them into being?

Did she realize when she shook them awake?

That one day these words won’t let us sleep!

Read somewhere “We navigate our whole world using words. Change and improve the words and I believe we can change and improve life”


14 Comments Add yours

    1. thanks! read your blogs.. they’re wonderful:)

  1. HaLin says:

    W.O.R.D.S. – WIthOut which the human Race would have Died Silently!

    Delectable read.

    Glad to have rested awhile on your blog. I look forward to revisiting. You have a new reader!

    1. True.. Am so glad u rested ! thanks..

  2. Beautiful !
    For me, this was like poetry in prose; especially the first half.

    It might interest you to read this post, written by a fellow blogger –

    1. i read the post you recommended.. astonishing! I mean we’ve all heard and vaguely know the power of words but to see it physically -in action.. awe inspiring.. thanks so much for the link!

  3. Isn’t it interesting that humans are the only animals that can use words as a means of communication? All other animals use basic sounds. The more complex animals like chimpanzees understand words in a logical fashion, but only humans use the emotional aspects of words. Thanks for stopping by at my site and for your sweet comment. I am glad that your visit brought me hear. You have such a strong command over your words and like AIT said, this is poetic prose!

    1. ya.. its interesting.. and we, humans have given the language so many nuances.. so that the same word in the same context can convey such different meanings depending on the tone.. or body language.. its quite a subject in itself! and thanks for the compliment..

  4. “brought me here”.. not “hear”.. Ha, ha.. the fun of the English homophones!

    1. ha ha.. you needn’t have worried about correcting tat one.. was quite clearly a typo! I make them too often..


    Beautifully penned !
    Words plays with you or you play with words?
    excellent stuff

    1. dont you think both play with each other?? thanks deepak..

  6. Kajal says:

    Abs Brilliant…I coudn’t have put the world with words in better words. The ease and the simplicity comes out so well.

    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Are you on twitter? I am @purplechronicl1 would love to follow.


    1. thanks kajal! glad you like it.. ya i am on twitter.. justwakecall but not very active.. will add you..

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