Ten things – I’d like to teach my daughter


The world is a beautiful amazing place and our time in it too short. Make every day count! That includes the bad hair days, the “I feel like dump” days and the “my friends don’t love me” days! Do new things, believe your life is like a photo album, collect as many “photographs” as you can.


No matter how perfect you are someone will always find fault with you. Be aware of your faults, know them and don’t be afraid to let others know them. The only kind of love worth having is the one that comes from people who know you are not perfect. (That’s not an excuse to not work on those “sloppy” table manners, young lady!)


You are the most beautiful, the most intelligent and sensitive person on earth, believe it! But know that everyone else has the right to believe the  same about themselves. Our world’s are different and each of us are the center of our own little universe. Try to remember that everyone is entitled to their own little world and their own opinions and thoughts . Don’t be  pompous.


If you have nothing positive to say keep shut. No one likes criticism! not even your best friend.


Education is of different kinds. The kind you receive at school, the kind you get through reading or  travelling,  or by listening to others experiences. And the best kind – the kind you get by “living”. Each one is important. Get as much as possible.


There will always be people who have more than you, even if you are the princess of Arabia. Conversely there will always be people who have lesser than you. No matter how little you have , you still have more than most. Be content. Also be willing to share. Your time, your attention, your money, skills…


Don’t look down on others and their choices. You don’t know where they come from, you haven’t walked their paths. Be respectful towards their journey. Be with people who are  respectful towards yours.


Work hard on yourself. Look your best, Learn as much as you can,polish your talents, be careful of your health, do everything you can to achieve your fullest. (Whatever that may be)


Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and others. Holding a grudge helps no one. Move on!


Don’t stay in an abusive relationship. No matter what the implications, there is always a way out. look for it. Seek help. There is no shame in revealing your  plight. You are not what happened to you, that’s history . You don’t have to be what you are right now. You are a “work in progress”. You are what you are capable of. That’s the future. Focus on your potentials. (That sounds too good to be mine, I may have quoted someone here. But I am not sure who :))

And now this final piece of advice.. Moms , with an urge to write at 5 a:m on Tuesday mornings are prone to rambling. Most of it will make no sense to you till you are 40 yourself or a mom or both!  That’s life! (And that’s how it should be) Enjoy it!


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  1. itssrijana says:

    nice ..i only wish my mother had taught me these

    1. I wish I will be able to teach them .. writing it down is just the first step.. thanks for liking

  2. Stuti says:

    Sapna excellent piece of advice for children.

  3. That’s a lifetime of learning!

    I just wish I can teach my 5-year old to live in the present, enjoy and be happy. That’s tough enough for me, as I can’t follow it myself most times.

    1. I cant help talking to my kids about the larger philosophies.. specially about treating people without biases and putting themselves in others shoes before judging.. my daughter is only 7 but her capacity to understand and appreciate nuances amazes me.. i would love to teach them to live in th moment and just be happy too.. send in some tips..:)

  4. princesspoo says:

    Nice post :).
    I am sure your daughter will learn all these things :).
    Awesome teachings 😀 :).

    I wish someone taught me this :(. But, its still not late :).
    I’ll learn from this 😀 :).

    Keep writing :).
    You write very well ❤ 🙂

  5. Amit Agarwal says:


  6. thepainbarrier says:

    Duh mom!

  7. Neelesh says:

    I’m neither 40 (not yet !) nor a Mom but I think it did make sense to me ….and I loved it ! I wish the school textbooks were like these !

    1. it would make sense to you neelesh.. you are the sensible types 🙂

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