“Time” – the healer

Is there a way?

to fix broken hearts

repair  trust

relive dreams

renew hope

reaffirm faith

replenish love

retake decisions

renew ties

revive the passion

reassess  choices

remake the rules

re-believe in promises

review demands

rediscover the joy

forget  accusations

regain innocence

re-keep secrets

wipe the slate

rewrite the story

resolve differences

rescue relationships

recover sanity

rebuild foundations

erase those memories

forget the lies

make hurts fade

re-grow, relive, rewind

rejuvenate a broken soul

revitalize the mind

re-fix the spontaneity   of that smile

Time is the only healer

but how much  does it take?

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Saikat Basu says:

    There are so many Re’s in your poem and you want to “re”live all of them once again.
    Now i really miss the time machine. I wish i could get one redo in my life. Your words are honest and poem is straight forward.
    It was a nice read 🙂 . Keep Posting.

    if time permits then please stop by my blog : http://saikatscribble.blogspot.in/


    1. am glad u liked the poem.. stopped by your blog..loved your sketches an poems.. will keep visiting

  2. Is it?
    Is there a way?
    Most of all, how much….?

    You ask all the right questions, my friend.

    1. I seem to have a lot of questions 🙂

  3. viveksoul says:

    hi sapna…
    firstly m bound to say that ur name is so tempting in a poetic way..for me at least…:)
    m done with putting some words wat i cud do on one of ur posts ‘Time- the healer’
    it reminded of me something..
    very gud effort…
    keep going on n on…

    1. hi! i’ve never been too fond of my name.. amazed someone finds it poetic.. 🙂 thanks or your comment on “time the healer” .. and thanks for the encouragement..

  4. jyoti says:

    I do believe that there is always a way to redo what we want to :-)one just needs to keep going on and keep the faith.its never to late in life. And if for some reason we can not redo something we just need to make sure that when the oppurtunity comes along we do it right. Why leave it to time its in us to heal our souls and our hearts. Life is too short for regrets, to hold grudges, to live in pain.

    1. ya jo.. there is a way to redo what we wish to.. but sometimes only our wishing is not enough and moreover even though we may redo , we cant completely erase the feelings .. not always.. am so glad you’ve found the time to read.. you’re among the few people who would understand where the stuff is coming from..

    2. I love Jyoti’s take on this..
      ‘Why leave it to time, it’s in us to heal our souls and our hearts.’

      I just wish we could remember when it’s needed the most.

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