Mr “Black” Tie.. I “see” you..

What is it that you’ve come to do

Where do you intend to go

You! in a blue suit, black tie

Where are you heading to?

Does someone wait for you fervently at home?

Someone who cares for you?

Does someone hold you tight at night?

Does someone love you?

Or is your life as blank as mine

As colourless and lifeless it be

No one to share a smile with

Are you lonely? Just like me?

Cause in your eyes I see  a ‘vacant-ness’

An emptiness in your soul

Even though you try to hide it

Behind your fancy glasses and phone

Somehow I know Mr black tie

Though there is not much you would think I know

Beggars with matted hair and faces stained with grime

Are not supposed to see or think, or even have a mind

I  sit all day on this pavement,  with drool on my mucky face

As the world goes hurriedly by, I simply look and gaze

My eyes appear stupid but they are not, as silly as they seem

And though you never notice me, I watch you every day

Its true I am no scholar, I can’t even write my name

But ‘son’  pain, sorrow and loneliness,

They don’t see money or fame

And to recognize them,

One doesn’t need to know to read or write  – Not even one’s own name.

And though its true

That I would do anything to be in  your place

It’s also true that we are

Not that different, in many ways


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow! This goes deep. Clearly you are a poet with a heart and soul.

    1. thanks 🙂 don’t know about the poet bit..but the heart and soul i vouch for 🙂

  2. AdiSin says:

    Wow….truly loved this 1!

  3. I dugg some of you post as I thought they were very helpful extremely helpful

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