Seeking “It”…

What  is it that I long for?

What is it  I seek?

Name and Fame I am shy of

Money and power  I don’t need

Yet there is something just outside my grasp

Something that I want for

But just cant seem to clasp

I know when I have “it”

I will be more complete

But what that “it” is

I just don’t understand

Is it possible to find “it”?

When I don’t even know, its name

How long will ‘it’ elude me

I am tiring of this game

My words just pour out and

I watch them mesmerized

somewhere, somehow, sometime

I am bound to realize

what is it I long for

What is it I seek

I wish someone would tell me

Does “it” even exist?

8 Comments Add yours

  1. zumpoems says:

    Very expressive and reflective!

    1. thanks for stopping by.. 🙂

  2. You will tell me when you find ‘it’, won’t you?

    1. ya, I will.. but maybe you wouldn’t want to rely on me.. I’ve been looking quite some time with no success 🙂

    2. hope the “deprivation” ends soon.. couldn’t get my comment on ur post.. hope this works

  3. I wonder what the ‘it’ is too. sometimes it seems so obvious, sometimes completely obscured/beyond reach.

    …I wonder why people feel like there’s an ‘it’ they need to search for.

    1. I think because its human nature to keep seeking, keep moving.. life is not stagnant.. the “it” provides a “purpose”.. or maybe we are just like the dog that constantly chases its own tail.. whatever… 🙂 thanks for stopping!

      1. haha I’m still thinking about it… Maybe we are just chasing our own tails, but we NEED to, to keep us moving. or something. x) plan to post something related to this once the ideas become clearer in my head… x)

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