A post dedicated to “Us” – “The MJ” believers

I wrote this post more that three years back and its obvious it was written in a fit of turbulence. Thought of deleting it permanently as it doesn’t really resonate with me now. But then decided to let it be. This is also important – Where all I have been. a kind of reminder . For one of the roles of a writer is that of a memory keeper – so to speak.

There is so much that we are told as children , that is mostly Mumbo Jumbo. As we grow up and become adults or “mature ” we learn that we were fed lies..

Mumbo Jumbo no 1: Do good to others and they will do good to you – I am sorry but it doesn’t work that way. Whether you do good to them or not they will do to you as they desire. Which is largely dependent on their morals, thinking and personalities.

Mumbo Jumbo no 2: Turn the other cheek- Forgive someone if they make an offense against you. Give them the other cheek also to slap and they will be ashamed of their action. Truth. you will get slapped on the second, third, fourth even fifth cheek (providing you have them). The person who is violent enough to slap you once will keep slapping you till he/she thinks you will let them get away with it. One has to learn to defend oneself.

Mumbo Jumbo no.3: God is watching. A person will pay for the sins committed by him/her .God delivers justice (Hindi movie style!). In truth. God is not always watching, infact I am beginning to suspect  god is usually napping. Or is too busy enjoying heaven to bother about what people are doing here on Earth. If god were watching people would not get away with the kind of crimes they commit and victims would not continue to be victimized endlessly. In 90 out of hundred incidents justice is not delivered. Pizza is delivered. Justice has to be fought for.

Mumbo Jumbo no. 4: innocence is bliss – innocence is not bliss. Its stupidity, its dumb. People will take advantage of it and will screw your happiness. Instead, be aware, be smart. Know what you want and plan and  get it. If needed step on other innocents and grab what you desire. The world belongs to those who exploit others innocence. Gain from others innocence don’t be a victim of your own.

Mumbo Jumbo no. 5: Be a good human being. The world respects good human beings. Lie: The world respects power, money and connections. If you don’t have them, no matter how good a human being you are , nobody will listen to you forget about respecting you!

Mumbo Jumbo No. 6: Promises are forever – Those of us who believe “I swear” is not just a phrase but a lifelong commitment are rare. In Truth, most promises are made to be broken. They are just a means to fool the “innocent” – refer Mumbo Jumbo no.4

These are some “Mumbo jumbos” that I grew up on. That were drilled into me so deep, that even after 30 years of being deceived, wronged, lied to,  I have not been able to forget.

I wish somehow one of the two would happen:

  • I could forget these MJs (as I fondly call them) and live my life as the “mature” “practical” “selfish” in other words “adult ” world lives.
  • Or, I begin to hurt less. Each time I am deceived by the people I trusted, Each time I am cheated by the people I helped, Each time I am backstabbed by the people I loved.Each time I am lied to and lied about when I have only always spoken the truth … let me hurt a little lesser..

My question: Why do we, the victims of these “Mumbo Jumbos” continue to teach our children “MJs” that they need to forget later in life to be “successful” or even just “survive” peacefully. Why not make their lives a bit easier by teaching them the “Adult Truths”…earlier in life?

The Answer: In my case, I simply can’t. I can not tell my children that it is all right to bully those weaker than you. I can not pat them for their victory if it comes from cheating. I can not let them laugh when their friend is crying. I can not stop reminding them that god has been generous to them so that they can share with those less fortunate. And I suspect, that is the way it is for all of “us” “MJ believers”

This post is dedicated To us “The MJ believers” May our tribe, flourish and prevail and one day rule this Earth.. Till then

And if you came to this post, thinking MJ stood for “Michael Jackson” 🙂

What can I say? Except Sorry for taking up your time.  Thanks for visiting!


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