Koel and Me..

My friend, koel is back with her summer songs…

Perched outside my window she urges me to sing along!

She cocks her head and looks at me…

As if, saying come on! Why won’t you sing with me?

She still remembers the fun we had last summer…

When she sang and I was the drummer!

But dear koel don’t you see?

Then, my heart beat a different beat.

In winter when you left for warmer lands…

The snow froze my inner “band”!

Spring rejuvenates, restores, recreates, revives…

But can it make my dead heart come alive?

Unfamiliar with “Koel” : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koel

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey,

    My first time here. Landed here after some blog-hopping. I loevd what you did with 5-7-5 esp. the last 3 lines 🙂 But I couldn’t comment there.
    The format looks like fun – something i must remember ot try out as well 🙂
    I love the fact you blog about li’l everything :)) I have always believed in that as well 🙂

    keep writing. Am following your poems 🙂

  2. “Winter is gone and you still survive
    As life goes on, heart does revive
    Because everybody gets a second chance
    It for you to make it count and dance your dance.”

    Good one and I tried to comment using verse…That’s all I could say:-)

    1. wow! nikhil..thanks for this amazing reply. Besides being creative, it spoke to me directly. Needed to hear this today. Thanks!

      1. Its a year late but still…Have a happy and colorful Holi

      2. my holi was both colourful and happy 🙂 thanks ! hope yours was the same !

    1. thanks aruna for the share 🙂

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