Weekly Photo Challenge: (unusual) – My experiments with Haiku..

Unusual, something that’s not usual, not ordinary. The question then is, What is usual/ ordinary?

What’s usual today, may have been unusual 30 years back and is likely to be so, 30 years hence.  So “usual-ness” has a time frame. Single Motherhood (Out of choice) is usual in the western world but unusual in traditional societies like India. So “usual-ness” often has a locale specification And then, whats unusual for me may be usual to you. So “usual-ness” can be person specific For the challenge today,  instead of talking about unusual in a generic way. I  decided to do something that’s unusual for me!

Anybody who has read my blog, knows I tend to ramble. I write really long stuff like this . I’ve never followed any formats. Just written what came to my mind. Then stumbled upon the 5-7-5 format. A 5-7-5 format is like a haiku, only it doesn’t necessarily have to be about nature. It’s a free form. The only limitation being, that the first line have 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables and the third line 5 syllables again. I have always loved haiku. And I found some great blogs with haiku that I  liked like  the one here that has haiku and amazing doodles. So, while I have never stuck to a format or written anything this short. I decided to do something unusual and  experimented with it.


Verse 1

Leaf  falls off a tree

My leaf, no matter where you go

This is home you know

Verse 2

The grass under my feet

The birds chirping on flowery trees

say – rejoice, its spring

Verse 3

Lady, will you ever please

Smile your lovely smile for me

It mesmerizes me

Verse 4

I am  nobody now

Used to be someone you loved

But I’m ordinary now

Verse 5

Live your life today

Because as the wise men say

tomorrow never comes

Verse 6

You and me were one

Me the sunshine you the sun

Clouds, what have you done?

I liked 5 and 6 the best. What do you think? I really enjoyed experimenting with  this format. There is a joy in doing something unusual.  Will experiment  a bit more with this I think..


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kris Kennedy says:

    Great experiments. Lovely words. Photos are beautiful as wel

  2. Hey,

    My first time here. Landed here after some blog-hopping. I loevd what you did with 5-7-5 esp. the last 3 lines 🙂
    Finally found the way to comment 🙂
    The format looks like fun – something i must remember ot try out as well 🙂
    I love the fact you blog about li’l everything :)) I have always believed in that as well 🙂

    keep writing. Am following your poems 🙂

    1. absolutely love your screen name.. “kismi toffee bar” Amazing! glad you liked what i did.. ya it is a fun format.. hope to see you around often. Thanks!

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