Weekly Photo Challenge: Through


I look at you

my darling

everyday with wonder anew

is it possible

could it be true?

all those years

that I thought me worthless

nothing fruitful to do

unknowing to me

I was nurturing you

had god kept me going

only to have you

is it that

you always existed in me

like a little seed

just waiting to be

a plant, a sapling, a flowery tree

and me the instrument

of your delivery

if so

not a moment of my life

has been in vain

the worst ordeals

the blackest pains

been humbled

by the gift of you

the cycle of life.. it goes through..

eternally you lived in me

for eternity I’ll live through you

I, the proud path

you came through..

27 Comments Add yours

  1. Arindam says:

    Beautiful pictures & really nice poem. Great post. From where you get these beautiful thoughts out? 🙂

    1. same place you get them arindam.. our hearts.. right? thanks 🙂

  2. Michael Fishman says:

    I thought that was a beautiful poem.

  3. livvy30 says:

    Lovely first entry!

  4. Neelesh says:

    Wonderful !! Truly beautiful, as only a mother can write !

    1. and you just said you are neither 40 nor a mother and can still make sense, so maybe you could write it too.. if you weren’t so busy being a corporate slave!

  5. Beautiful poem. The love for your child shines through your words. Be blessed! 🙂

    1. thanks:) I do feel blessed!

  6. I so loved these lines…… amazing rhyme that isn’t there for just reading pleasure but goes beyond to leave lasting impressions.
    Lovely words. Pls write more 🙂

    1. Thanks to the “most creative blog name holder” .. glad you think that way.. 🙂

      1. ah, never knew my kismibar is so loved 🙂
        You are more than welcome ! 🙂

  7. AckFast says:

    Reading such beautiful lines would definitely make my work load lighter.

    1. thanks Ackfast 🙂 that’s a compliment to cherish

  8. bhargav says:

    no words… speechless…… beautiful

    1. thank you! Bharagav 🙂 Usually I am left speechless when I read people on wordpress. Its the first time I am on this side, thanks for your generosity 🙂 Will take the compliment, Thank-you,even if a little undeserved!

    1. thanks for the pingback!

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