Bookworms in Italy – A little something, for my baby girl!

My daughter turns Eight in May. Every year, I let her choose a theme that interests her. This year, she chose books and pizzas. Both her favorites, though not always in that order! She just  couldn’t make up her mind about which to drop. So, we  decided to combine the two.  We are now doing, “Bookworms in Italy”  and here is a little something we wrote for it…. Hope you enjoy it!

A  Long time ago, in Italy

Lived a bookworm , who was such a “Cutie”

That whenever, ‘it’ crawled from his vicinity

The duke of Pisa, leaned out to pet  it

Soon, his tower began to lean dangerously

So he asked the worm to stay in with him

The worm thought long and deep

If I stay with you my majesty

What do you think will become of me?

Books, I need to eat alas

A novel for supper

a mystery or two at lunch

and sometimes I even like to munch

on a light comedy depending,

on the “length” of my  breakfast

               “Eat books” – the duke was aghast

Why? books are hardly a thing of repast

Difficult to digest to say the least

Streets of Italy offer so many treats

Pizzas, Pastas made of the finest yeast

To you with my own hands I will feed

But I love books, the worm did plead

Their smell, their sight I always need

Well then the smart Duke replied

Why don’t you try reading them instead?

And thus a happy truce was struck

Between the cute bookworm and the duke star- struck

From that day it was decreed

To every chef in all of Italy

That they must every bookworm feed

Fresh Pizzas and endless books to read

And that this service they would provide

At no fee, free of charge totally,

Since the day the tower of Pisa stands still

And bookworms in Italy eat and read at will!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. umashankar says:

    That was deliciously superb!

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