A Leaf’s prayer…

Brown and broken I lie
At the bottom of the heap
Tired, aching, forlorn
Under the Peepal tree
Where I had once grown…
Proud and contented in my Green-ness
In its ability to nurture life
Unknowing of my vulnerability,
The fragility of my being.
A little storm came calling
No stronger than a wind
Like an air bubble bursting
I fell off my shiny dream!
When  you were a small sapling
Vulnerable to the winds
You whispered to me softly
“Please , my leaf, don’t leave…
your Green-ness soothes me
Gives me a reason to live”
Being young and naive
I believed you
Fell for your shady lies
With my life blood,
I nurtured you
Till You grew strong and big!
But when the  storm blew
You gladly let me go
Not a word of protest you uttered,
Nor cried a tear for me
Not even a word of reprimand
To the wind that blew me clear
Life went on as usual
In your little tree family
A new shiny leaf now blossoms
 In the space occupied by me
I tell myself to hurt not
Nor be marred by jealousy
This tiny leaf, I know,  will soon
be lying next to me
But is that what I yearn for?
what I wish to see?
Another insignificant leaf,
heart-broken just like me
If only god would teach
 A lesson to this big egoistic tree
Someday it may lie too
Listlessly, next to me
That may make it better,
This sharp ache in my heart
But it’s not what I pray for
It’s not what I want
What I want god
If there is a god for little leaves like me..
I want to be back, Green and happy
On my shady  Peepal tree!


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