Weekly Photo Challenge: (Arrange)

Arrange that cupboard says my mother

Foaming at the mouth

Sheepishly I scuttle to put it in order

My twin brother plays

Arrange the lunch, calls out my mom

As she leaves for the field

I drag myself out of my nap, my lovely dream

My brother plays Cricket

Arrange the bed says my mom

Cleaning utensils

I run to do her bid

My brothers watch TV

Arrange the books says my mummy

Admiring the pictures

I put them in a bag

My brother drinks his milk

Arrange your hair says my grandma

take care how you sit

fold your legs properly

my brothers swim in the lake

Arrange your schedule, says my mom

ensure you are home

 by eight

While my brothers party till late





All my life I have arranged things

Run errands, completed tasks

I wish for a day my brother arranges

And I lazily bask..

As some of you know, I am not a photographer. this is what came to my mind, the moment I read this weeks photo challenge: arrange! A bit strange maybe… but then that’s me!

Do tell me what you think…


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Arindam says:

    Really nice post. Simple and beautiful. Wonderful interpretation of this week’s challenge theme. Great job.

    1. thanks arindam 🙂 waiting to see yours!

    1. thank you! vineet.. glad you stop by regularly!

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