Weekly Photo Challenge: (Journey)

Where have I come from

Where am I headed to

Am I nearer to the  end

or the  beginning

I really don’t have a clue…

Have I  learned my lessons

Is it now my time to teach

Is my journey just beginning

or is the destination just  within ma’ reach…

Have I seen the sights

Is there lots more left to see

Have I discovered myself

Are there still depths left in me to seek

why did I get on this train of life

Is there a purpose to  meet

An agenda to fulfill ,

A promise to keep?

Whatever the reason  be

I lay my trust in thee

I didn’t come here by my self

I was sent  here to be “me”….

This is my response to this week’s photo challenge “Journey”…. A bit too simplistic! But, that’s me! this week, I guess!