Another girl! Another headline!!

Here, I go again

just three months old this time

how many of me will have to go

before there is an end to this crime

who’s fault is it I ask

My Mom’s?

too vulnerable herself to protect me

My dad’s

socialized by his “world” to not love me

the governments

that don’t care for me

or yours

the ” hypocritical society” that won’t value me

the crime dear



why won’t “He” just stop making me?

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12 Comments Add yours

  1. amitaag says:

    Very Painful,disturbing and depressing! Sapna, you have written a poignant poem as a tribute to tiny Aafreen. I join you in prayers for her soul!

    1. ya. it is depressing Amit! the poem just came, I am not sure if it was written really!! I do hope she is in a better place!

  2. Sapna,

    is it a time to start a really long term project (10+ years) on the subject?
    One leader is enough to take it through.

    The last line has a punch

    just captialize the ‘H’


    1. Mukesh, I had made the change you suggested immediately…Thanks!!… but was very busy… so replying to the message only now! What kind of project? A blogging project or a political project!! I don’t think one leader is enough? Do you?

      1. I’ve been experimenting with community related projects from last 5 years now. Learned a lot from half a dozen projects.

        With this I can assure you, all it takes is just “one insanely spirited person” to make things happen. The question is anyone of us wanna go down that path? (and face the rain, hail, brickbats that comes along)

      2. “insanely spirited person” Ha ha!! sounds familiar. Tell me details, what kind of community related projects? i am a social worker by training… so am familiar with the jargon! you mean in the blogging world or actually out there?

  3. Arindam says:

    It was really heart touching. It’s a subject that still need to get the attention it requires. The only solution to this problem is realization, education & awareness among people. Thanks a lot for raising such an important issue through your blog. Great post.

    1. thanks Arindam, you are always encouraging

  4. Cynosure says:

    O_o…I’m speechless… 😦

    1. :). Speechless because u like it I hope!

      1. Cynosure says:

        actually I loved it…believe me…but didn’t found any words to write for such an awesome post by by you and such a disappointing news… :O

      2. true! even i am at a loss as to what to say when I read posts about very sad things! saying one likes them hardly sound right!! thank you for reading, and if it touches the heart of even a few, i consider myself lucky 🙂

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