Taking a walk down memory lane …..

I look at the clock. Its 7:35. “If we don’t leave home in 5 we will be late for school” I shout. The children come hurriedly. K tucking his t-shirt in his barely fitting shorts. “Need to get him a new pair”, I make a mental note to myself in the ever-growing “to do” list. And then comes M. Her shoulder length hair a mess. “What? Your hair is still not combed” I shout. No! she shouts back even more loudly. Realizing this won’t work. I attempt a calmer approach.  “Sit on the chair, I will make it” And then begins the  inevitable struggle. I brush, ‘un-knot’, detangle. She squirms, grimaces and wriggles.   ” I think we should get your hair cut short”, I say

“Ma, you remember what happened when dad did last time” she retorts!!!

I do!!! It was too precious to forget. This is  something I wrote about it back then  Welcome back Rubberbands.... Today M and I are  taking a trip down memory lane.  Care to join us.

Do you have any favorite  posts that treasure memories of your children as they were/are growing up? Aren’t you glad you wrote them, when you did? Do you go back to them often?


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