The drifter


I feel restless

like there is somewhere else

I need to  be

my wandering feet

will you take me

Today I feel worthless

like there is someone else

 I hope to be

my shifting heart

will you show me

Today I feel


like a rudderless dinghy

in the vast rough sea

my drifting  soul

please steer me


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Gosh, your poetry is so lovely, it brings tears to my eyes.

    1. thanks kathy 🙂 you always manage to say something to inspire me

  2. Dont worry! we all feel like that sometimes 🙂 Nice poem though, smoooooooth!

    1. was just a moment! glad u liked it 🙂

  3. sophie king says:

    You managed to put words to how I am feeling too. Such a great poem x

  4. Arindam says:

    Beautiful Poetry. You have said so much, with in such few words only. Like this one a lot.

  5. By commeting, can I join in your prayer – poem? It feels like a prayer to me; a prayer I am in need of.

    By the way, I just noticed you have got Kathy as one of your regular readers. That’s saying something for your blog! : )

    1. Kathy is such a wonderful writer! Isn’t she ? and yes, she is kind enough to check in on me sometimes. that’s the best part of blogging for me, finding wonderful people like you 🙂 I am glad you caught on the prayer bit! ya it almost felt like a prayer to me too.:)

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