Damn! Where did the morning go?

I absolutely loved the prompt WWP  gave this week! Write a poem that begins and ends with a one word line, that word being the same at both beginning and ending. Yet allow the body of the poem to create that shift in meaning for that one word

I had promised myself just last night, that I wont let writing get in the way of my other work. Most of you who blog, know what it is like. You open the mail to just have a peep and see if something urgent needs addressing. But there’s that mail, saying someone has commented on your post. That’s urgent you reason. So, you log on to Word Press, and reply. then you check out the reader and there is inevitably something interesting. Interesting stuff deserves comments. So you write comments and people respond and you respond to the response. Before you know it the morning’s gone! To be fair, today I tried my best to stick to my resolve. For three hours I resisted the lure of the computer  but eventually it won the battle.

I sat down, promising myself, it will be only to check the mail. there was a comment , and then the reader and then this interesting prompt fell into my lap. It was just irresistible! I had to do something with it. Here’s what I did!


tied around the box

silently mocks me


on the floor

my shattered dreams

To start  anew, I


Just as I finished. There was the  doorbell. The kids getting back from school. I haven’t yet tagged this post! Damn! where did the morning go? 🙂

How do you make time for blogging? Does it encroach upon your ‘work time’?

Time flies – image courtesy revelife.com

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  1. Tapish Gupta says:

    so true.. it happens with me daily!
    and it does encroach upon my ‘work time’ 😀

  2. bwahahaha. aloha Sapna – of course… I blog, my blog … is about what I do – my art. and yes it snips away at my time . it is however also a motivator for me in that I have to keep working in order to blog.

    of course, now. I’m off island. so I’m away from where I like to be for my art in creating. . . however again.. being off my usual routines and patterns also brings me into new ideas and lines of creating. which I can then also post.

    plus I’ve said I might not be around as much while off island. and I’m not. I have still found a way to create and blog and gather ideas, materials and resources for my art when I return. .. cool on that.

    no. blogging has not taken over my life. I did my art long before I blogged and I’m still doing my art. blogging does give me a venue to do what I do – And interact with others, particularly those interested in the things I’m interested in too. I like that.

    blogging enables me in many ways – as an aid to what I do as well as life and my life. ..and that’s fun. ..even when I wonder where the time… ah… went. oh.

    the day unfolds
    waves unfurl
    against the shore
    I watch
    the beauty
    walk in beauty
    I speak
    to myself

    aloha and fun on.

    1. such an awesome poem:) loved it, specially the “I watch the beauty walk in beauty ” bit… majestic
      aloha to you too

  3. amira says:

    Nice one 🙂

    I have been there a few times.
    getting mad at not knowing where the time went.
    I have taken exits from blogging a couple of times as my pending list just kept growing and growing as I spent more time on blogging.
    Even now, I am working on a chapter that already has passed the deadline. the publisher has graciously given me an extension of a week at my request… and I promised I will not blog before I finish it..

    and here I am just taking a quick peek at blogs and unable to resist leaving a comment here and there 🙂

  4. Shivya says:

    Haha, I’ve been in that situation just too many times. Blogging is an addiction I tell you, more time consuming than a full time job! I haven’t found a way of battling it, instead I’ve just succumbed to the addiction, full time =) Still waiting to read about your Ladakh adventures!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Really like your response to the prompt. Brief and yet filled with details. The prompt was a very interesting exercise.


    1. I too think this was a very interesting prompt! thanks so much for stopping by elizabeth

  6. neil reid says:

    A simple yet straight on ribbon that well responds with precision to the prompt. Bows and ribbons, they’re interesting things. Thanks for sharing with us.

      1. neil reid says:

        How kind of you, and thanks! However my attention goes rather to simply the pleasure of writing itself and sharing that experience with others, as yourself, of like kinship. Come play with us at WWP or my own blog, and that’s the best reward possible. 🙂


      2. I know Reid. But I met a lot of nice bloggers through other people’s award posts. By awarding bloggers like you, I wish to do my bit in introducing others to blogs like yours. If even one person finds WWP through that post, it would be worth it. Don’t you think. And, I will always ‘play’ with you all at WWP . Try keeping me away – I am hooked !!!

  7. Absolutely, it does!
    For me, it encroaches not just on work-time but also on living-time & family-time. If I switch on the computer on holidays or weekends, I get looks. I end up feeling guilty, so try to stay away on holidays. What to do!

    1. Its become a habit with me to go to the computer the minute i get home! I am sure my hubby thinks i am crazy, but he is tolerating it right now 🙂 thank god!

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