Waiting for One more!!!

This one is for all the bloggers over there. I don’t know about you? But blogging has been an incredible journey for me. It started very tentatively. Like a young bride not entirely sure about her position in her new husband’s family.  I was unsure, almost shy about writing.

I have always written – since forever. Mostly, on tissue papers!!! Are you rolling your eyes!   “Tissue papers???” sounds strange, I know. Can I say in my defense that my husband and I run two restaurants and a cafe. Tissue papers are  easily available. And quite nice to write on, really! As long as you don’t insist on using a fountain pen.  Now, fancy fountain pens have never been my things. I am more of a use and throw ball point, ‘no fuss’ kind of a person. So, tissue papers worked just fine, for me!

The bigger issue was, that these square pieces of white flimsy absorbent papers that carried the imprint of my creative expressions carefully scribbled upon with ball points. Almost always landed in the dustbins. Unread by anyone but me! And I am not entirely sure whether that counts? I mean if you read your own stuff are you the reader? or the writer? – Complicated? huh!

Forgive me,  if I go a bit slowly over this. You see, I like to put  events, in the proper sequence, as  they happen. Don’t you always hate it? When authors jump between two or three decades. Going back and forth, without a care for the reader. Always leaves me in a bit of a tizzy!

So to put this in a timeline. In January, 2011, I  had been to the Literature Festival at Jaipur.   I live in a small town and its  a rare opportunity for me to get to see, meet, and listen to so many great poets and authors together. Writers who sit by my bedside, accompany me on holidays and long train journeys! People, I admire! I got inspired (Who wouldn’t?) and I promised myself that by the time I am back next year I would start writing, a bit more formally! The year went by – March , April, May, June ….. August , September.  I hadn’t yet fulfilled my  resolution!

Then something happened, something that left me feeling misunderstood, used and taken advantage of. Writing has always been the outlet for me. To express stuff that I can’t actually verbalize, cause I am too deferrent, timid or shy.  I decided to take the plunge. Killing two birds with a stone, ‘Just another wake-up calll’  (JAWC) was born. I didn’t give much thought to what I will call it or how it would look? Frankly I wasn’t writing to be read. Only to write in a way that didn’t land up in dustbins.

I am a ‘tech idiot’! I didn’t know about communities or followers or pinging or links!  I am ashamed to say that the initial posts were not even categorized or tagged. I used to read other blogs. But was too shy to comment. Not really believing that these beautifully creative bloggers cared at all for my opinion or comments.

Imagine my surprise when fellow bloggers started to find me. ‘Likes’ and comments fell in my mailbox encouraging me to continue writing.  Getting the  first follower was heady! I went to his profile and checked everything about him. Slowly  as the new bride became familiar with her surroundings, she opened up. A tentative hello here, A shy comment there, Soon I was in the middle of my own small community. I began to find bloggers, I liked to read and follow. JAWC too began to gather its own followers. 10 , 20, 30, 50….. I learned that every follower brought another pat on the back. Every award more encouragement and a drive to write even better.

you have a new follower! image courtesy i.techmadly.com

Then came last Sunday when JAWC got its 97th follower. I realized with a jolt, We are close to a milestone! There are bloggers, even in my own community who have 500+ or  1000+ even more followers.  I know to them 100 may seem like nothing!  But for me, whose journey began so humbly, 100 seems like  a magic number.

The magic number that still eludes me! Over the course of the week,  I’ve been watching closely. The Growth post got me a couple of  new followers. Welcome Sudhanshu and chabelyvalera. 

And now we are standing at this precarious position waiting for the 100th! Who will that be? (While writing this post, an idea occurred to me! why not give our elusive 100th follower something – a little gift? A dedicated post maybe? Or an honorable mention? ) But  would that be fair? Bribing our way to the 100th ? So we nobly refrained!

But, this we say – Whoever it he/she is, we want them to know that they will be special to JAWC and me … Always!

(Hey! that’s not a bribe!) – A bit of emotional blackmailing maybe! But not really a bribe!

Ciao! for now. Hopefully by the time we meet again, JAWC would have reached  the magic number 🙂

What have been your blogging milestones? How did you feel just prior to getting there?


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  1. Vikram Karve says:

    Hi Sapna,
    You have a natural talent for writing and that is the main reason for your blog’s quality and popularity. Also, I love the “freshness” of your writing which makes reading your blog an enjoyable experience.
    Congrats on your “milestone” and wish you many more milestones ahead.
    My memorable blogging milestones:
    1. When I got an offer to publish my Foodie Blogs as a book, which culminated in the food adventure anthology APPETITE FOR A STROLL
    2. When I was offered a job because of my blogging
    3. When I am recognized by total strangers because of my blogging
    But, seriously, Sapna, don’t worry about appreciation – just blog from your heart (like you do), blog regularly and blog for your own satisfaction.
    All the Best
    Happy Blogging

    1. To write from one’s heart! That’s great advice vikram ji! You are right, when one writs from the heart the process of writing itself gives great pleasure. Other’s appreciation (if one does get it) is a bonus. Like a cherry on an already awesome cake! Will definitely check out the book. Is it about recipes or eating out experiences or both? Thank you for all the encouragement!

  2. 100 followers was huge for me–major! In the past few months 400 felt equally huge. Can’t wait for you to get 400, 500, 1000 subscribers. It will happen! Congrats on your accumulation of readers. I’m proud to be one of them!

    1. thank you kathy! that’s so sweet! Frankly to me 400/ 500 sounds too far fetched right now 🙂 Chasing 100 has been fun 🙂

  3. Madhu says:

    I can relate to the anticipation of that elusive 100th follower!
    Congratulations Sapna! And best wishes for continued success and many more milestones 🙂

    1. Thank you Madhu, for the wishes!!! Congratulations is still one person away 🙂

  4. hey! Nice post 🙂 thanks that you mentioned me there.. I’m much younger than you, still I get your words very well.. You see we writers don’t have any age :p
    I’ve gone through your whole blog.. It is quite interesting.. Good job..

    1. That’s true Sudhanshu! writers do speak similar language! Glad you enjoyed the blog! Am so looking forward to reading your blog too. will come to it very soon 🙂

  5. Hey, it’s a lot busier than the last time I was here. Good going, Sapna!

    How wonderful to read about your blogging beginnings. Your honesty is endearing. I remember when I first came here; I wasn’t able to stop at one post. So much so that I ended up reading your whole blog at that point! Having left many comments, I secretly wondered if you will think me crazy to have done that! 🙂

    So, have you got the 100th yet?

    1. ya got the 100th and a few more! damn happy!!! btw, i loved those comments. they made my day! feel free to drop in as many as u can 🙂

      1. Congratulations!

        Btw, you too feel free to return the favour 😉

  6. ZinalBhadra says:

    Hi Sapna,

    Congratulations. You are a natural! Way to go girl! Be assured, you have a dedicated follower in me.

    Multi talented Sapna – Wife(that’s no mean achievement in any way, with all the hardwork u might have put in ur marriage and all), Mother, Blogger, Social worker, Poet, Restauranter, dreamer (now, you yourself say so)…. the list goes on

    We need more women like you..

    1. This is likely to go to my head 🙂 🙂 but I am afraid, there’s a major difference in simply playing so many roles and playing them well too. Alas! the playing them well part eludes me still! but I am trying to get there 🙂 Thank you for the constant encouragement

      1. ZinalBhadra says:

        Oh am certain you will be playing the other roles to perfection.. if not already, soon enough!

        Why, aren’t u reasonable, sensible, intelligent and sensitive? Thats kind of obvious from your posts.
        And believe you me, i wouldnt take time out and stop by everytime if i ever doubted your abilities. You are really good.. I can learn so much from you.

        Keep going and there is no looking back..


      2. zinal, you’re the best for my ego 🙂 thank you girl !!! wait till I make my hubby read this :):)

      3. ZinalBhadra says:

        haha.. am being honest.. I guess your husband already knows all this about you..
        But you know how men are, dont you? They dont like to show they know…
        but am telling you.. he must have already observed all this about you.. BUT he might not admit..wanna bet? 😛

      4. maybe he does, but whats the fun of having a spouse who doesn’t bicker? he’s a sweetheart actually! 🙂

  7. amira says:

    Blogging sure is a wonderful journey.
    writing is my outlet too, especially when i am frustrated, annoyed etc
    and it’s also a place where i write stuff that i might not be able to say outright.
    like little confessions 🙂
    it’s great to have an audience though.

    anyways, hope you reached your 100th follower and wish you more 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about writing being a great outlet. yes I reached the 100 and in fact 10 more. the 100th made me wait for quite long and then it just rained in 🙂

  8. Sindhiya says:

    I felt the same when i started to write…! “Then something happened, something that left me feeling misunderstood, used and taken advantage of.” the same reason why i started to write…. i did not worry if people read my work….. i just wanted a let out…and writing became my passion….to a point where writing gave me a relief in life when ever i was sad….and it treasured my happy moments for years to come…!
    i was extremely so happy when i got my first follower….and i realized that people actually enjoyed what i wrote, and that was my biggest inspiration.. to keep writing….
    It’s sure is a beautiful journey from my first post to now, and in future….!
    Many likes for this post of urs…! these are the exact thoughts in my heart as well..!
    keep writing 🙂
    Keep smiling 🙂

    1. thanks Sindhiya! I read it last week while waiting outside my daughters dance class. I had been very busy and not checking on my blog regularly. Infact, I was thinking about ways to reduce the stress in my life! Writing lesser on the blog to make time for other jobs was one of the ideas I was considering. Your comment made me change my mind! Thank you 🙂

      1. Sindhiya says:

        Yes… even with college work, i rarely get time to update my blog…but i never forget to write down my thoughts on paper…! it has become my daily habit… yes… please do continue to write…! writing will surely make u relive some stress….:) 🙂

      2. justanotherwakeupcall says:


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