The Sea Bandit

Verse one

all my love

entrapped in glass

the blue sea bandits

stole it

the sea bandit

stole my heart

sealed in a bottle

I watch it part

Verse two

Verse three

Oh! sea bandit

I give you my heart

bear it gently

to my lover

shores apart

when you see him

tenderly implore

tell him

I can bear

the distance,  no more

Aubrie Cox is one of the bloggers, whose writing I admire greatly. She is hosting a sea and/ or thieves theme at yay words. Even though, I am not adept at any form of poetry, I couldn’t pass this one up after seeing the beautiful doodle she drew for it. Aubrie, here are my submissions, inspired by your doodle and theme. I am sorry, I can’t seem to stick to any fixed format while writing my verse. But what I lack in discipline, I try to make up in enthusiasm.  :)

14 thoughts on “The Sea Bandit

    • I just scribbled what came to my mind on seeing that doodle. Don’t know if that can qualify as ‘participating’. Haven’t managed to look at the others! I too look forward to seeing the final collection. The theme is beautiful and the entries are bound to be evocative :)

  1. Sapna,

    Finally, I’m starting to get to comment submissions and whatnot… And here you are. I love verse 3 and would love to include it in the final collection! Thanks for these wonderful poems… :)


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