Travel theme: Sunset – A photo essay

The setting sun at coorg

Tell me O wise one!

Is there anything as sublime

as breath taking as

the sight of the setting sun?

Sunset at the sand dunes near Khimsar, Rajasthan

Each time the sun goes down

on this beautiful golden desert town
fervently to the sky they raise their hands

sending a million prayers up
For peace, prosperity and mercy

on their barren yellow land

Khimsar, Rajasthan

The night fairy beckons

the day monster’s gone

Bathed in glow I wait

For twilight’s melodious song

Sunset at Andamans

Dark clouds

part your heavy veil
grant me
one last long look of this  vale


The one whose pallet holds

so many shades of gold

Can you even fathom

what his soul may behold


Bereft of hues

still splendid

the incandescent sun

takes leave


As my darling we part

give me a last lingering touch

The morning we will begin anew

our never ending love


‘My Sun’ it never leaves me

His bright chatter fills every moment of my day

The setting sun doesn’t perturb me

I  listen rapturously to what ‘My Sun’ has to say

The theme at Where’s my backpack?‘ this week was Sunset. I have a million pictures of the sunset. Its one of those things of nature I can never get enough of. These are the few I picked from my old photographs. Hope you enjoy them!

25 thoughts on “Travel theme: Sunset – A photo essay

    • Khimsar is a special place. Its really small and has this old palace that’s been converted to a hotel. the area has a lot of black buck deer and the dunes a little away from the village are stunning! Glad you liked the pictures :)

  1. Beautiful pictures. Each one is so beautiful, yet my favorite is the last one. :)
    And I like this line alot, “‘My Sun’ it never leaves me, His bright chatter fills every moment of my day.
    Blessings to your SUN! :)

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