Seeking pain

Once again

I flip through

pages of history

look at every crevice

every corner

digging for pain

examine every hurt

feel every deceit

relive every insult

it’s not pleasant

brings endless tears

why then?

do I open this wound each time it threatens to heal

till the wound exists, I know you were for real

I can bear the pain

I know how to deal with that

but to forget you

I don’t want to live like that


8 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this, is exactly how I feel right now!!

  2. Evocative and what so many of us do.

    1. I know i do it a lot. compulsively even though its Self destructive

  3. ZinalBhadra says:

    Wish i could write something that beautiful. Ever!

    1. awww…. that’s so sweet. You write wonderfully well yourself:) Its just that another person’s thoughts and feelings intrigue us more. Ours we live with all the time and don’t seem that “different!!” (lol)

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