Weekly Photo Challenge : “Urban” – caught in the fringes of ‘Urban’ India

Urban! The word is supposed to mean – Construction, tall glass and steel towers, intricate mazes of roads, thousands of people moving purposefully on sidewalks, pretty cafes and scintillating signboards, subways and fancy cars. Beautifully trimmed shop windows and traffic lights

image from mtsu.edu

Sadly, Urban! also often  means a shabby concrete jungle, open drains. Beggars on crowded traffic lights, mad rush for the metro. Tall plush buildings overlooking slums made of tarpaulin huts. Rows of buckets when the evening tanker arrives. Power cuts and water shortage.

In the shadows
image from firstpost.com

The people who live in these slums. The first generation to leave their farmlands and pasturing behind. With hopes of a better more urban existence. Those, who still speak their native language . Look at city women in their ‘men like clothes’ with surprise . The ones who have packed their everything from the land of their ancestors. Making the long expensive journey top this promising land. Burning all  bridges that may take them back to their farmlands. The ones  with no hope of return. What do they think of this strange land?  The “city”.

Urban existence???
image fromnational geographic.com

What should we call them? These people – villagers living in urban lands – caught on its fringes, responsible for making it run but always hanging at its periphery – never fully a part of it and yet its very heart and soul.

In ‘Urban’ India

And when and how ,  does the equation change. When, if ever do they cease to be outsiders and become ‘urban’ themselves. Like the land they live in.

lost in the fringes
image from web.mit.edu

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25 Comments Add yours

  1. dunden says:

    Beautiful capture with sad and tough story behind.
    Living in the penthouse at top of the high-rise does not necessary mean happy.
    They might be sacrificed by their own mind game and politics that slum people never need to cope with.
    But I guess, at least, any one who want to get out of the slum should have given a chance.
    Even it is a tough one…. I hope.

    BTW, your link at dailypost may be broken.
    Please take a time to check it out.

    1. true! everyone is entitled to a fair chance 🙂 will check the link! Thankyou

      1. dunden says:

        Oh, thanks God.
        I was bit worried about my comment on your post.
        Since my English is not so good, I was worried that I might give you wrong idea about something I wrote.
        Thank you for your reply and taking all straight way.
        I am relieved. 🙂

      2. come on! the comment was perfectly ok! was there any other way but the straight one ?? now you’re giving me ideas! (lol)All cool 🙂 thanks

      3. dunden says:

        Thank you. ( ‘ – ‘ )/

  2. Yvonne Michlele @Photecstasy says:

    Thanks for the pingback!

  3. rfljenksy says:

    Awesome pictures. I will be going to Nepal for 2 years and I hear it is a lot like India in some parts.. very interesting and great take on urban

    1. I haven’t been to Nepal myself. But I imagine it may be a lot like India, in terms of poverty. But I am not sure if there is so much contrast in people’s lifestyles there. Happy visiting! looking forward to your observations from Nepal

      1. rfljenksy says:

        Thanks. It will be about a year before I get there with all of the training and such but really looking forward to it. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Big questions, beautifully handled. Btavo you 🙂

    ps – thanks for the Pingback!

  5. Sunshine says:

    Great urban ideas you bring up to think about…
    and thank you for the pingback. 😉

  6. There is an irresistible beauty in truth and honesty. Of showing life the way it is in the real world. This is a similar urban setting in some areas of my country of birth and I am proud to say that I was a part of it all. Great post!

    1. Thanks for the pingback 🙂

  7. Some harsh truths served beautifully 🙂 A topic is close to my heart

  8. Hitesh Patel says:

    Wonderful entry for the theme.

    1. thanks hitesh for visiting me! so glad you liked the entry 🙂

  9. Arindam says:

    Very realistic and thoughtful. I loved the way you defined the same term differently for different people living under different conditions and going through different situations. Great post!

    1. thanks Arindam 🙂 been away for a while. Was missing the blog and everyone .

  10. Pat Bailey says:

    Powerful post. I am reading A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry and your images could be used to illustrate this novel. Thanks.

    1. thanks pat! Haven’t read the book. must lay my hands on it 🙂

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