Stars are but tears

Verse I

bathed in light

riding a star trail

with you

Verse II

who do you weep for

oh! shining star

moonbeam – she stole my heart

Verse III

hand in hand

walking the path of stars

white heaven

Verse IV

you and me

two  stars

in this galaxy

Verse V

two lost stars

pining from afar

so near and yet so far

Verse VI

endless blanket of stars

one breaks off

eternal void

Verse VI

you and me, who are we

a blip

in galaxy of eternity

Verse VII

stars are but tears

shed for you

starlight on my tongue – salty

English: Great Andromeda Nebula. Public domain...
What are Stars? But Tears shed for You

Haiku Heights is hosting a month-long Haiku challenge. the word for today was ‘ Milky Way’. The verses above are my interpretation of the theme. I like second one the best. Which one do you prefer? You may also wish to see yesterday’s challenge Autumn on my mind


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  1. Leo says:

    I like the first and third ones the best, Sapna. 🙂 It clicked.

    P.S: Haiku is not a rhyming poetry form..

    1. yes, Leo I know that. The fifth one doesn’t qualify on that ground ! and the last one ? does it exceed the syllable limit? I wasn’t sure

      1. Leo says:

        Don’t think syllables are an issue. But 4,5 and 7 all rhyme.. 🙂 Perhaps, 8 was a few too many 😉

      2. ok! will keep in mind next time 🙂

  2. Sapna,

    Haiku Master has already said it all. It is fantastic, particularly the first one, I loved it, but you need to work a little; first point, it should not rhyme, second, it should not be less than 17 syllables..

    If you need any help regarding syllable count, you can check at or here at this counter –

    If you need any help, please drop an email. Also, thanks for leaving the links. I’m happy to read your take.. Please keep writing..

    Someone is Special

    1. thanks SIS ! these two sites will be useful . the syllable count should be exactly 17?

      1. I’m sorry.. It should be less than 17 syllable.. Usually, Haiku structure is 5-7-5 or 3-5-3 and you’ve many other forms as well. Maybe, you can try this initially and start exploring the rest later..

      2. Sure!!!! Will keep trying 🙂 thanks

  3. I’m smitten with the idea of the Milky Way being a “blanket” and a “path.”

    Milky Way

    1. welcome to the world of smitten people 🙂 I am smitten by everything to do with the sky ! specially the night sky ! 🙂

  4. Hitesh Patel says:

    Beautiful. Loved these lines…

    ” two lost stars

    pining from afar

    so near and yet so far “

    1. thanks hitesh! Glad you like it! Even though , that’s not proper haiku! haiku is not supposed to rhyme, but I liked the verse too, so posted it anyway

      1. Hitesh Patel says:

        Haiku or no Haiku… it touched the heart and thats what matters. Isnt it 🙂

    1. thanks for the pingback 🙂

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