Reported Missing from WordPress! A tale Of Over enthusiastic children and busy Moms

Those of you who are kind enough to read me regularly know that I have been MIA lately.

To the uninitiated ‘MIA’  means missing in action – Strong words you say?

Well maybe! But that’s how I feel

I often come across bloggers who are not being regular on their blogs – Many of them complain of hitting a block – A Writer’s Block – I envy that, it means they have been writing long and often enough to have run out of things to say!

And then there are others who have started full-time college again! (Kudos to that).

There are those who are having their books published and are obviously a bit busy – What with all the preparations needed for the upcoming book release and the numerous talks, I suppose.

Then there are those who have a full-time job, where the new boss is acting up and piling their desks sky-high with files! My sympathies to the last.  (May the boss be transferred soon so you may retreat  behind your computer pretending to work while lining up posts to be freshly pressed instead!)

But none of these noble reasons are the reason for my forced absenteeism from your in-boxes.

The reason I am missing from WordPress  is because

I have over enthusiastic kids!!!

Ya! You heard me!

I can hear the “tut tuts”. I know it’s not fashionable to speak against your kids. That its politically incorrect to point a finger at one’s children! It’s definitely not okay to blame them for your failures!


Children! It’s your fault, I don’t get any time to blog!

There I said it! Loud and Clear! Feel better already!

Before the WP forum against “Parents who rant about their children” descends on me Let me put up some hard evidence.

Some of you may know,  I have two children – M, My daughter is now Eight and K, my son is six.

M is an avid artist and a novice keyboard player K a budding percussionist! And a persistent tennis player!  Between school work, music and tennis classes life is always busy.

And yet I can safely say we didn’t know what “busy” meant till we encountered, last week.

image courtesy chickenwingscomics.com2011-10-18-cw0536

Last week, was the GRAND MOM of all the busy weeks we have had – EVER!

It all began with an innocuous announcement by M last Tuesday. As I picked her from school.  “Mom Teena is participating in a dance competition.” Let me interject here and fill in that Teena is a good friend of M. She is a talented dancer! What you would call a gifted dancer! And it makes perfect sense for her to indulge her passion!

“That’s nice!” I replied somewhat absent-mindedly!

“I want to too” – now that got me attention. M has never shown much interest in dancing. There have been a few attempts here and there. At family weddings or in summer camps but never too much interest! “You do?”  “Yes” she said determinedly!

“But there is hardly any time left to practice. You can’t enter a dance competition with two days worth of practice!” I said in what I hoped, was my most reasonable tone. Or at least the most reasonable tone that one can adopt while thinking about the long hours required to put together a costume, find a dance teacher, select a song, pick and drop for practices while maintaining a balance with school work and my own household and office chores.  “Mom are you trying to discourage me?”

That worked better than any argument that M could have made. Frantic calls were made, a dance teacher was found and M and I were ensconced for the rest of the evening in the dance teacher’s  care. M practicing, very sincerely I must say. And me, trying to organize the dress. Three days whizzed by! Old ‘lehengas’ were retrieved and adjusted for size, matching bangles were bought. Friends were approached for jewellery and props were arranged. The evening of the dance competition found us both at the venue. M, all dressed up to dazzle  in a gorgeous ‘lehenga’, and me armed with  two large bags (to battle any costume emergencies we may face)  and an even larger camera determined to capture every precious moment.

All dressed for the dance

The night before the competition, while reading M, a story, as is our routine, I had tried somewhat clumsily to impart some acquired wisdom about competitions. “M, you know right! That I am proud of you. No matter how you do in the competition” M just sighed and spoke in the placating tone she reserves for her younger brother usually “Mumma, don’t worry I am participating because I want to participate, not to get a prize” Good enough!

“Should we leave?” I asked M after her dance was done. The dance had gone off without a hitch. M had managed to remember every step and had shown great confidence onstage. She had done well, actually very well,. But she was no ‘natural’ and she had not been ‘dancing’ since the day she was born!

“Of course not mum, let’s wait till the prizes” . But you may not get any, I wanted to say. Thankfully I managed to bite that back. Prizes were announced and Teena stood first. Two of M’s close friends came second and third. I sneaked a look searchingly at the little girl sitting beside me for signs of disappointment. I wasn’t sure whether M would remember her own mature dictates. Surely I would not blame her if she got caught in the excitement of it all and felt let down when she got no prize. But M was happily clapping and cheering her friends! Bravo! I felt like saying! I don’t care who gets the trophy for dancing, the trophy for “putting yourself out there” belongs to you M!

As we got into our car,  tired and hungry. I was contented. Yes it had been tedious and tiring and had required a lot of adroit juggling but the lesson had been worth it! For both – M and Me. I was ready to go home and crash. But that was not to be. As we sat down to dinner M beamed. “Mum tomorrow is the drawing competition. K and I will participate! I am good at drawing. I always get a prize!” That was true; she often did do well at drawing. But that may not hold true tomorrow! I began to say something, to the effect of prizes and what they mean or don’t mean in fact! But saw her eager face and decided to let it go.

My little girl is growing up! She figured it out today. I am sure she will figure it out tomorrow too! All she needs is a little practice! And no matter how busy I am I won’t deny her that.

This is what our week looked like:

The WEEK this week

And just as I get ready to publish this M’s teacher calls. She has been selected to represent her school in a quiz competition in Delhi! Will I be willing to prepare her and escort her for the same? Of course I will!!! The blog can wait for now! My daughter has too many new waters to test! And lessons to learn and so does her mom!



16 Comments Add yours

  1. adinparadise says:

    Well done to Meehu. Mums lead very busy lives. My daughter doesn’t find time to read my blog. 🙂

    1. Ha ha! I can sympathize with her!

  2. amira says:

    wow 🙂 that sure was a busy week.
    We don’t know how time flies when kid’s extra curricular activities start up.
    Your M is definitely a very talented and enthusiastic kid. All the best to both of them.
    Blogging can wait …

    1. i know Amira! blogging will have to wait ! Specially with Diwali and Christmas round the corner now 🙂

  3. nicola baird says:

    Good work by everyone. I am a more erratic blogger than you – and though I know it is better to keep it regular, life just isn’t like that. Of course you could switch to a different type of gadget in order to blog as you go – and become one of the ipad people… Personally I’ve ruled this out as too expensive, but I notice my smartphone is better for reading more blogs, even though it is far worse than a laptop (or notebook) for adding comments. Nicola

    1. I know Nicola! Even i find it difficult to comment from my phone. I am infact seriously considering going the ipad way! lets see, have put int on my wish list – but my birthday is a good 4 months ahead! And Santa doesn’t bring gifts for moms 🙂

  4. You will look back at this and feel the whirl was all worth it. We, will be here waiting for your wonderful updates.

    1. Thanks so much valentine. That’s so sweet ! Hugs

  5. Arindam says:

    Do not worry Sapna, sometimes the priority of blogging decreases when a person has to do much better stuffs. And you are busy with something really important in life. Thanks a lot for letting us know about your reason behind the absence in blogosphere. Best wishes to you and your family. 🙂

    1. Thanks arindam! I knew you would appreciate the reason:)

  6. amira says:

    Came back to share the lovely Booker Award.
    More here

    1. Thanks amira! Ure always so generous with ur appreciation

  7. ZinalBhadra says:

    great post sapna.. You were missed. BTW, you is M in this Pic?
    And i am glad that i am not the only one itching to lay my hands on an ipad…
    Yes, its a wonder toy and very desirable…and is the highest on my wish list
    But i am told, its very restrictive, all good apps are paid apps..and transfer of data is a pain..u have to sync with your mac and all.

    1. justanotherwakeupcall says:

      hi zinal. M is in red. i think i will have to continue missing for some more time. Got tons of Rotary duty, Diwali chores, family engagements…… My kids have an ipad and I borrow it once in a while. But it doesn’t have a built in data card and so I have to depend on wifi to surf the net. I had assumed that if I get one with an inbuilt data card my problems will be solved. Seems like I will have to do more research. Thanks for the warning 🙂

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