Daily prompt – last words

The challenge was to write one last blog.

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

On reading the other entries I realized that almost everyone has interpreted this as their last words. And to be fair that makes most sense. I have on the other hand written a sort of ode to WordPress. What can I say in my defense? Maybe at 35+ I still consider myself invincible. 🙂 It seems like I have a lot to learn and grow up to 🙂 🙂

Goodbye WordPress (WP)!

I came to thee in pain and agony. Having recently lost my most trusted sounding bench to misunderstanding and rife. Bursting with unexpressed sorrow. Feeling cheated and undermined . Your pages healed me.

The writing providing a vent. Gave me the safe space to express myself.

I found new friends, to share my insignificant life with. The comments on my posts  replaced the now empty folders of my cellphone and became the reason to wake up each day.

You  brought me new role models. People to look up to. Survivors who’ve gone through more than I can even imagine. That helped me put my pain in a perspective.

 You allowed me to meet authors and poets and creative writers of immense talent. They inspired me . Gave me  new dreams.

Riding the WP reader  I  visited many countries without moving an inch. Gathered experiences from around the world.

Sitting on your shoulders I watched mothers with better parenting skills as they raised their children. Spouses with better communication strategies bind their relationships more firmly. Busy women with great time management tricks get impossible amounts of work achieved daily. I watched and learned, becoming  in turn a better parent, wife and worker.

At WP I was awestruck. Awestruck by the clarity of thinking and broadness of views of the younger generation of my country. Here I met the future of my country and the world. And if what they say here is anything to go by, my children will surely enjoy a world that’s safer, more inclusive and better in every way.

Besides all this WP, you entertained me. Short stories, anecdotes, humorous posts, cartoons, doodles, movie reviews, craft, cooking, news, publishing latest books, political views…… In the last one year I’ve been here. I’ve never been bored. having WP in my life has been like having a gaggle of lively friends. In whose life something interesting is always “happening!”

WP you  gave me a safe shoulder to rant on, helped me fine tune my writing skills, made me a part of a this large creative community, brought me new friends,  and most of all you humbled me! by showing me all the talent in this world.

But all good things come to an end they say. And what “they”  say is usually true! Its with a heavy heart thus that I bid you adieu! And I sincerely  thank God  for the day, I met you !

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18 Comments Add yours

  1. Madhu says:

    Nice! And wordpress should be happy 🙂 I thought I read a mention of ‘last post you are ever going to write’, so this sounds like it fits the bill.

  2. deepa says:

    Great Post – well said or written !

  3. amira says:

    this has to be the best “last post” ever.
    If this was a competition, and if I was the judge – you will be getting the trophy 🙂

    seriously, blogging is so great (it is like a support network) and WP helps through its interactive mechanism. So yes, it was supposed to be a last blog post it sure should be a tribute to WP 🙂

    1. I wish and pray that the next time I enter a competition, you’re the judge Amira (;)) ha ha !!! Thank you so much for the generous appreciation

  4. Wonderful and if half of what you have found, especially to the state of the world, is true than I am happy.

    1. It is true Valentine. I subscribe to quite a few young Indian bloggers and their perspectives on life are so promising! What’s laudable is that most of them are very verbal and expressive. Not submissive and the types to stand by and suffer injustice. I honestly have great expectations from them! 🙂 we are in safe hands

  5. Blogging has brought me many of these same gifts. I had actually considered trying this prompt myself. Hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend. And hope you’re not really going anywhere.

    1. Not going anywhere at all kathy! Not planning to atleast. But then who ever plans these things? Right? Wish u had attempted the prompt. Would have loved to read what u had to say! Am sure it would be something profound written in a way that would make one smile…. Hugs to u too

  6. eof737 says:

    This is beautiful, and I believe you speak for many of us who feel the same way about the wonderful exchanges we have had on this blogging platform. Kudos! 🙂

    1. thank you! I agree Word press is truly wonderful 🙂

  7. lilypup says:

    Absolutely fantastic post! I agree with everything you said. WP has made such a difference in my recovery from illness. Thanks for this post. http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/

    1. Thank you lily pup for visiting … Your comment reminded me of this long forgotten post I had written:)

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