Forgettable Memories

Some memories

are barred

like old friends who fell apart

never to be revisited

Some memories

are best erased

like incorrect answers on a test

never to be retraced

Some memories

bring only pain

like  sutures on the jugular vein

never to be strained

Some memories are sad

bringing with them

a sharp ache

that I’d rather never feel

Some memories

I wish to discard

but am shackled

by my foolish heart

Some memories

I am forced to keep

cause within their bitterness

there is something  sweet


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the oxymoronic quality of bitter sweet–and the balance you achieve by alternating stanzas on opposite sides of the page. Nicely done.

  2. Leo says:

    Got lots of memories like that, sadly. I can relate.

    1. I like to think, we are lucky! those of us who have memories like these. it means we have truly lived our lives!

  3. amira says:

    lovely post as usual 🙂

    our lives are interlaced with memories. memories sweet and memories bitter.
    the memories keeps us going and often times redefines our journey of life.

    1. true Amira! what would we be without them. In fact as a mom, I feel one of my most imp job is to create happy memories, that last my children a lifetime and see them through all the bad patches that life will no doubt throw their way!

  4. Memories, define us entirely without them we are empty shells. Loved this including how you laid it on the page

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