Audience of One – A letter to God

The Daily writing prompt today was

Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

Though , I am not participating in the challenge. Here’s my letter!

Do you really exist

Jesus, Ram, Rahim

Whatever be your name

Are you really there

Watching over us

As we go about our mundane lives

How much of what happens to us

Is really your doing

How do you decide

Who to reward

And on who to inflict the pain

Who will live

And who will die in vain

How does it feel to be all-powerful

Do our tears , sorrows or wishes

mean anything at all to you

Or is it all pre-decided

perhaps you’re like a writer

spinning long tales

and we just  playing the roles,

delivering our lines

According to your plan

Or are you helpless too


by our karma or the lack of it

Like the doctor

Who’d want to save everyone

But simply can’t

How does one reach to you

Make sure you understand

That your human puppets

May need to be held
In  more humane hands
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16 Comments Add yours

  1. Loved the last line.
    So good to read your post again.

    1. thanks mukesh! haven’t seen you around since a long time. I assumed you’re busy with your projects

  2. adinparadise says:

    Love this idea. Your letter says it all.

  3. amira says:

    “do you really exist?”
    that’s something that crosses my mind often.
    I mean when I look around and see all the suffering, the pain, the violence … I can’t help ask.

    But when I look around and see the beauty of nature, the miracle of nature, the miracle of life and death … the question gets answered.

    But again turn around and see the misery, the unfulfilled wishes, …
    the question never gets answered satisfactorily 🙂

    1. I know what you mean Amira! Its a puzzle to me too. if someone with a kind heart and forgiving nature has the power to make everything alright. why would s/he continue to let such misery exist? I guess there is a reason for everything. but seriously sometimes I have trouble with it 🙂 thanks for stopping by !

  4. Arindam says:

    Great thought. I too occasionally ask the same question, “Do you really exist!” But I unfortunately I never get the answer to my question. Really nice poem.

    1. Some questions are better off without any definite answer, don’t you think Arindam! Glad you like the poem 🙂

  5. Oh my friend, I suspect you have asked the question many of us ask quite often. Your last line says more. Beautiful as always.

    1. thanks valentine 🙂 specially for the “always” bit! nice touch….. made my day. 🙂

  6. shamambles says:

    The negative activates the positive. Without it,we become complacent, never questioning, nor striving, we become lazy and ungrateful, falling into the trap of self worship, egotistical, harsh, hard of heart, selfish. Forgetful of our promise we made to our Lordon the Day of Promises.
    Until we know what it is to suffer,we will never appreciate the value of what has been given. We take it for granted. Giving little to no thanks, then we have the audacity to blame God for the injustice on the Earth whilst we sit around taking and taking, barely giving, when everything that is good is from God.
    He did not abandon us, nor did He leave us here without instruction. Feed the poor, do not kill, nor commit adultery, give women and children their rights through the bond of a marriage contract, lookafter the weak, the poor, the elderly, the orphan, the list goes on. We reject His Divine Will and system and when the consequences occur we blame God.
    Does this make sense?
    When my children lay down to sleep, I pray over them, when they leave the house, I pray for them. Then I leave it in the hands of God. Being an obedient servant and putting my trust in my Creator, surrendering the most precious and powerfull tool He gave me, my Free Will, to He Who holds my soul in His hands, then I can ask why if it goes wrong.
    Are we truly doing our bit on this Planet?
    Or do we expect God to do all the work and serve us?
    Or are we the servants?

    1. I know what you are saying. its not that i don’t believe in god or I think he doesn’t do enough for us. Its just that sometimes one can’t help wonder at the larger scheme of things! as a writer and poet one can give vent to those thoughts. No intention of hurting anyone 🙂

      1. shamambles says:

        Lol, sorry my love, I didn’t mean for you to feel as though I was telling you off!
        If one is not asking the questions now, when will one?
        You certainly are one of many. I just decided to offer some clarity based on my spiritual understandings. I do not claim to have all the answers, but there are many an answer that satisfies me.
        We are at the narrow end of the tunnel right now, and the clouds may have blocked out the sun, but, the sun is there.
        Belief, love, unity, education, charity, Godliness, patience, hope, faith, and its all one and the same, under the one umbrella, will see us through into that light and release, that we crave. God never stopped looking, and listening, hearing or caring, but did we?
        The good news is, the evil has reached its furthest boundary, God willing, from here on, the only way is up. Amongst all the rubble, I see shards of light beaming through.
        A year ago, as I sat doing my prayers, I asked our Creator what He was waiting for, how much longer, how much more suffering, where is the owner of our times, Who we are eagerly hoping on to help wipe out the Evil and end the lies, misconceptions, deceit, the attack on the innocent, the poverty, the war, the greed? I felt the answer whispered to my heart “He is already here”, and I knew it was the truth. According to Prophecies, everything is as was told, which means, now we are at the door of a new Dawn, in which all who survive to see it, will be happy. Every Religion is waiting and watching,but in the mean time, we must not be idle, and put our best foot forward, be the best we can,a big heart and a willingness to learn.
        Shall I tell you of those figure heads who are truthful and inspiring to me and others of a similar type?
        Mr Adnan Oktar, pen name Harun Yahya, teaching and inspiring through Religion and Science with proof and a beautiful example.
        The other Spiritual Guide is the Sage Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani of Holy bloodline, a Saint who resides Cyprus.
        The two mentioned above bring clarity,love and an understanding with peace and hope that we are in need of i our ties. They the answers we seek.
        You can find them at you can get it in English, and There are many more websites. They marvelous for their interfaith projects Mashallah.
        I could not have offered you anything more beautiful than this today.
        God bless you and your loved ones.

      2. Amen to that! Will definitely check out both the spiritual gurus. thank you shamambles.

  7. atipokharel says:

    If Jesus was to answer your letter in writing this is how the letter would look.

    Jesus is my Name
    I am really here
    Watching you
    Yes I am involved with your happiness
    I reward who follow and do my will
    If you loose your life for me you will find it
    No body has to die in vain
    Being powerful also means humbling to the lowest I died with criminals on the cross
    No it is not pre-decided although I know what happens in future
    I am God whom people write about
    I am lover and I have a story
    Yes you have a role, but you get to decide
    Yes I have plan to give you future
    Yes you are definitely tied, but i will break you shackles
    I am more than a doctor, I bring change of heart
    I wish to save every one, but there are many who refuse my service
    I am all powerful, but I have given human free will
    Simply talk to me I am here
    I understand, I become one of you 2000 years ago
    You are free to love me, I did not make you a puppet
    You need to be held in my hands
    I love you, Jesus

    1. That’s easily the longest and most creative comment I’ve ever got on a post. Thank you so much. I am touched that you spent so much time and effort reading my rantings and responding to them i understand what you are saying and I really wish this is how it is!

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