starting over again

Not so long back

you’d walked into my life

manipulated my heart

and took over all my time

That time is gone

it can never be regained

now just get out of my life

I’m starting over again

You said you’d love me

like no one ever can

that you’ll care and

always understand

you didn’t keep your word

gave heartache and pain

now just get out of my way

I’m starting over again

It’s been difficult

but life will be  good again

If only Your smile, your voice

wasn’t still etched in my brain

like you disappeared

make your memories fade away

now just get out of my life

I’m starting over again

This poem has been written as a response to this week’s writing challenge starting over. It came out in a rush and reads a bit like a school girl’s work! but I decided to publish it nevertheless. Many of you already know I don’t like editing much and I am usually too lazy to scarp a draft and write again. Five minutes is all I get to blog! and I don’t want to waste that in writing drafts !!!  Thank you for indulging me 🙂

12 Comments Add yours

  1. This is the worst part of a brake up!! Detox that man out of your system!

    1. none there to be detoxed! fictional heartache jasmine…..

      1. Well good I’d hate to see a fellow sister’ heart broken by a boy!!

      2. Men don’t brake up with women in shady ways only boys do!

      3. ha ha!!!! haven’t . by that definition not too many men present in this world!

  2. Horus says:

    Draft or no draft – whats heartfelt always touches a heart !
    raw nerves are difficult to soothe !

    1. 🙂 i agree with that …..thank you!

  3. This hit me between the eyes and in the heart. Wonderfully done against a challenge.

    1. thanks so much Valentine! your comments always make my day! 🙂

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