The forgotten God

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Here I sit upon the hill

where I was placed so long ago

with rituals, ceremonies

and immense pomp and show

Much feared and celebrated

everything  that happened

attributed to my ‘divine’ will

bathed, anointed, glorified,

so revered

that I lost sight of my own flaws, my innate failings

Each day I was inundated

with requests and with pleas

“A little more money”

“A good job”

“Please god some peace!”

 I looked on helplessly

wondering at the irony

of men with brains and limbs

begging from a ‘stone’ like me

I ‘left’ them to their fate

the human race

to hunger, to pine , to starve,

to cry, to die, destroy and hate

They bore it stoically

waiting for the ‘miracle’

their eyes  blind with devotion

just couldn’t see

the paradox

of my creators

relying on a ‘miracle’ from me

For long they bided

my human  ‘subjects’

to reveal my ‘holy’ plans

but when it finally seeped

into their rhetoric drugged minds

nothing could make me act

not gifts, nor sacrifice, no amount of time

They left…

their belief though vast

turned out to be but finite

their love though copious

turned out to have a limit

their patience though immense

was tested

On the day when they could take my indifference no longer

when just seeing my stony face wasn’t enough

when the promise of a future heaven was no longer sufficient

they stopped coming

the children, men and women

in that order they fled

The priest hung on for a little while more

the  look he gave me as he went


as if to say

I am going too! now!

At least now take an action

prove you exist

Prove that the dreams I showed those people were real

show that you care

that you are really there

that we are your children

and that you are in control of our lives

I remained silent

stonily I watched as he too left

now I sit alone

perched on my throne

surrounded by the paraphernalia of their dead faith

A faith I didn’t deserve

a faith I didn’t demand

a faith that was thrust upon me

by the  statue maker’s hands

A faith that expected  miracles

from a piece of ‘stone’

a faith that absolved

them of their own indolent ways

and hateful deeds

I can’t say I don’t miss them

Those faithfuls who called me ‘God’

the endless chants barely hiding

their long list of demands

Here I sit upon the hill

forgotten and forlorn

I once had a crowd of  followers

and then there were none

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  1. Hi Sapna,

    What a wonderful take on the prompt.
    “I can’t say I miss them, those faithfuls who called me ‘God’, the endless chants barely hiding their long list of demands.”
    Superbly written, to say the least.
    Keep up the good work 🙂


    My Newest Blog Post | My Entry to Indiblogger Get Published

    1. Thanks Jay! Glad you came by 🙂

  2. Loved these lines…so true…
    “A little more money”
    “A good job”
    “Please god some peace!”


  3. ddeepa says:

    Thought provoking. I myself have wondered what does God think when he sees all these people praying? Does He like it? Feel proud? Feel wanted? Feel angry that we rely on Him to solve everything? Feel disgusted because we are such hypocrites when we pray and claim to be religious and yet go out and kill/rape/plunder people. I wonder. Well put. Though I do wish you had also included a part that when people went away they knew they had to fix things themselves and take up some of their own responsibilities instead of choosing the easy way out and relying on miracles! Best wishes for the contest!
    Deepa’s Kaleidoscope

    1. I often think about that too Deepa. I left the part after people left open so everyone could interprest it as they like. optimists like you could assume they have taken stuff on themselves and others could assume they have moved to a new ‘god’ or religion or whatever. I like open ends! gives scope for thinking. Thanks for dropping in deepa. will check your entry soon

  4. Written with immense thoughtfulness. Albeit I am not in agreement with your thoughts, it was worth reading the other extreme.No Offence!!

    Remember, the Philosopher is important, and not the stone *Ashwin Sanghi*.

    All the Best

    1. I agree anirudh. I am not sure if I myself agree with my thoughts always 🙂 so no offense taken. I almost always believe both sides of any argument! Thanks for sparing the time and reading

  5. Another awesome one!
    The more I read, the more I wonder what a mind human beings have.. Our thoughts work by the principles of algebra. It starts from one piece of abstract thought like “suppose god exists” and goes on to create webs and castles, none of them having any material proof of existence or validity. Bdw, I was never good at maths, especially algebra 😉

    1. somesh I don’t know if algebra is based on any principles at all. Was terrible at it! But i agree with you about the human mind. Thanks as always ! you are one of the best readers I have 🙂

      1. Yup right! algebra doesn’t have any principle at all, just begin with a “suppose” and go on along with it 🙂

  6. blogs4kappu says:

    woh! awesome yaar. Actually it is indeed demeaning what we request of the statue, how we implore and how we demand sometimes throwing in a few bribes.

    BEAUTY overall!!

    Do visit my post “vishw-aaropam”! Would love to see you by! *cheers*

    1. It is ! Isn’t it? Kappu…. i will definitely drop in. Love most of your work

  7. Rinaya says:

    A very unique take on the topic.Indeed why do we always expect a lot from some assumed form of divinity & then blame it for not fulfilling our wishes..beautiful piece of prose 🙂

    1. Thank you Rinaya. We do tend to leave a lot to god. Have you heard the joke about the person who perayed to god fervently that he wns a lottery year after year. one day god appears and says ” atleast buy a ticket !” 🙂

  8. sarosena says:

    Unique layout and take indeed! Very poignant. All the luck for BATM!

    1. thanks sarosena! best of luck to you too.

  9. Very profound. To search for answers from a statue of stone and mud, to expect that offerings made to it will count more than one’s own thoughts and actions, to believe in it more than to believe in God itself defies both logic and faith…. and yet for those who have nothing and noone to turn to – the poorest of the poor, the most downtrodden and pathetic of human beings, whose very existence defies belief of a civilized society – can we really blame them for trying to squeeze a few drops of hope and good fortune from the only emissary of God that they can create and approach – an idol?

    A well-composed and somehow poignant poem. Lovely.

    Mixi (My entry for BAT-36)

    1. So true Meenakshi, for those who have nothing and no one to turn to, god in shape of an idol symbolizes hope. There is nothing wrong with that. If nothing else atleast the process is cathartic. Thankyou for stopping by. I will definitely check out your entry

      1. It was my pleasure. Rhyming at its best.

      2. Thanks! I’ve always considered myself a poor rhymer!!!

  10. Brilliantly laid out words and the emotions captured beautifully. 🙂

  11. Ayushi khare says:

    Ooh we loved your “something new” Sapna mam… You have beautifully potraited the irony of man these days… Also loved your visual representation… 🙂

  12. deepa says:

    Love the way you’ve weaved the words. Beautifully written. Atb.

    1. thank you Deepa! ATB to you too.

  13. Loved the thoughts. Even we humans are at times placed on a pedestal, deified and then dumped at the next moment. We humans due to our own insecurities need our heroes or Gods. The moment we don’t get what we want, the God or our hero or leader gets a kick on the posterior. Our Gods, leader and heros cannot have an offday.

    And at times leadership is thrust upon a person (eg. our prime minister Manmohan Singh) and this reluctant leader keeps quiet till the patience of people is tested and they start hurling abuses and other such insults….However our search for that hero or God never ends, little do we realise that we have to just look inwards and find the God within us…..

    1. so true sabyasachi. I loved the parallel you’ve drawn of god with human leaders. Its very true and relevant. Thanks for that insight

  14. Novel.... says:

    very well written! so true…loved the flow of emotions from the stone’s angle….a third eye! to the illusion!


    1. Hi Akila, Thank-you so much 🙂 So glad to see you stop by.

  15. asteria22 says:

    im amazed and questioning myself why didnt i visit your blog earlier, excellent one, very rarely it happens someones poem makes an impact on the mind..yours did.

    1. that’s so sweet of you Asteria. I am glad you visited me too! Hope you like some of the other stuff too 🙂

  16. malinymohan says:

    truly brilliant the message you conveyed through the poem . . i happen to be an ardent believer of God or maybe the whole idea of a supreme power . . i feel people these days are too impatient to wait for the best . I dont think bathing the idol in money is going to please God , but leading a life hurting no one is .

    the poem was enriched with rare thoughts and so complete . . brilliant work 🙂

    1. how true maliny. I believe the same. So much better to give that ten rs. to the poor who wait outside than the idol who sits inside. Anyway, what will god do with the money? Buy a nice dress? lol

  17. Richi says:

    glad to read something different on this prompt. It was well written, I think.

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