The Umbrella Holder

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The umbrella holder mumbles as he hangs his dripping fishnet

strings of cold wet rain  fall on his oft mended shoes

directed there by the iron spokes of his weathered black umbrella

nearby, windows of an abandoned home rattle in beat with the siren of a passing boat

from the vast grey sea a cloud of darkness floats in, enveloping the empty shore

the angry hissing of the wind stirs the branches of a vast tree

transforming their gentle whispering into loud roaring thunder

the old man drops himself to the cold wet floor

aware that he should run else be caught in the  storm

but his feet don’t want to move…

its easier to lie here and dream of a  sunny dawn,

of hot bread and sugared strawberries – her favorite brunch

he had promised  to bring them today

she had smirked and moodily gone back to her scrubbing

she wanted to believe him

but she was too wise to fall prey to  false hopes brought by

glorious sunny mornings.

I have been on a hiatus. Drawing a blank each time I thought about ‘writing’. But today this lovely prompt from We Write Poems broke the dry spell for me. The prompt gave thirty words of which any number could be used to write one’s own verse. I challenged myself to use all thirty. The verse above uses the following words (in some form or the other)

umbrella, whisper, hang, strawberry, mood, bread, thunder, home, running, fishnet, sun, smirked, sugar, storm, wanting, floor, hissing, rain, rattling, siren, window, mumble, strings, stirs, abandoned, dawn, floats, scrubbed, morning, glorious

Go ahead and check! Let me know in case you find I missed one!!! Thank You We Write Poems

18 thoughts on “The Umbrella Holder

  1. Love this so much, Sapna! This is a real visual treat. I’m so glad that you decided to tempt your muse with our wordle prompt. Thank you for joining in, and I hope that we see again next week! There’s also another prompt on Thursday.

    • Kathy you absolutely must try their prompts. They will be delightful in capable hands like yours :) Thanks for visiting. I so appreciate the fact that you read every single post and leave an encouraging comment each time. thank you :)

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  3. Very nice! I’m impressed at how you worked in all of the words…there is not only nice concrete details in here but a story and it’s easy to wonder what’s behind the old man and the history of him and the woman. It’s the first time I’ve seen you at WWP so welcome.


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