Touched by Love

The steady sometimes controlling love of a parent

The needy dependent love of a baby

The heady breathless love of a lover

The comfortable almost habitual love of a spouse

The shared dependable love of a sibling

The gazing starstruck love of an admirer

The caring faithful love of a good friend

Here is praying that love – in all its myriad forms, touches our lives today and always

Happy Valentines Day!


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  1. Happy V Day. Let’s love freely and shed attachment:)

    1. shed attachments!!! is that possible?

      1. Love freely without expectations:) what say?!

      2. that one comes close to as a parent (providing you are not the “I expect my child to be in IIT and khandan ki naak type parent”
        but expectations not same as attachments and attachments are what define us as people and very precious

      3. We can shed attachment to be attached, without we knowing. I know the parents nataak of joining IIT and staying with parents It’s like saying don’t expect anything to expect something. Life is such a gamut of complexity:)

      4. Don’t know what that means… shed attachment to be attached. I don’t think I could trust people who have no attachments. I would think them weird! At the same time I do recognize that people with no attachments are the ones who could benefit humanity the most. Theoretically its easier for a person with no close family to donate every single penny s/he owns to charity on the other hand that means s/he is attached to that cause/ humanity ;). Anyway I prefer flawed attached people than saintly unattached ones

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