Ladakh – An unforgettable Road Trip

Hi Folks

I was recently asked by Shivya from The Shooting Star to write a piece for Travelyari. Shivya is one of those bloggers I admire. Young and hard-working, Shivya decided early in life that her heart was in traveling. So she checked out of her well-paying corporate job and became a ‘modern age vagabond’ 🙂 Today she heads a travel company, writes travelogues for newspapers and magazines and generally leads the kind of life that makes people like me ‘jealous’! 😉

The piece that I have written for ‘travelyari’ is about a road trip I took last summer to Ladakh. I hope to follow this up with pieces about the rest of this wonderful journey.

Unforgettable Journey – Srinagar to Kargil by Road

The photographs in the piece have been done by my fellow travelers on the trip! I hope you enjoy the piece.

Here are two photo essays, I had previously posted about the same trip. Check them out. You may like them.

Meeting Red in Ladakh

Lonely in Ladakh


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  1. bad link to the travel yari blog, please check and rectify (and delete this comment to :))

  2. rectified! I hope!!! Many Thanks 🙂

  3. VINEET GUPTA says:

    Nice Post!
    I Hope you’ll Like my work and finds it interesting and engaging.
    Please vote for my travelogue in the below link so that I can follow my passion

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