Being A Queen

Love is wonderful! It makes our steps lighter and our hearts happier! It makes us feel more beautiful and liked and cherished. It increases our confidence and self-worth. It makes us feel on top of the world. As if  we own it!

Why is it then that the same love begins to bind us? tie us? suffocate us? change us so much that we cease to exist as the individuals we once were?  Metamorphosing instead into something that fits the expectations/ convenience of that special someone.

No wonder when the happy love bubble bursts as all such bubbles must. We realize that we are now just shadows of who we used to be. Lost and bewildered we feel cheated! Feel cheated that the love that promised so much did not last forever. (Like in the movies/ or romantic novels). Cheated that the person who once thought we were amazing and faultless  now can’t seem to find in us a single good quality!

Does it always have to be this way? And what does one do when one’s world comes shattering down like this? Mope around, cry buckets or reinvent oneself and emerge a Queen?

I just saw it – Bollywood’s latest coming of age film – Queen was awesome! I loved it! Go watch it if you haven’t seen it already. It will make you cry and laugh (often both together), and leave you feeling so exhilarate-ingly free!!!

I do not write movie reviews usually. But this one just got under my skin!

Do you  enjoy watching movies? Which ones are your favorites and why?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Vinaya says:

    aah! I too laughed and cried while watching Queen…its one movie I shall watch again…and again!
    btw, i have reviewed it too…

  2. Bhakti says:

    Hey 🙂
    You have been awarded with Wonderful Team Readership Award. You can check it here:

    1. Thanks a bunch bhakti! I am collecting up all my awards to do a long award post sometime soon. Now that you have started your award collection you will realize that they fill in the coffers quite quickly. Hope you continue to enjoy blogging!!! Thanks really!

      1. Bhakti says:

        It was my pleasure 🙂

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