A tourist in my home…

Coming back home after a long holiday! the kind of holiday that is so immersing that it fogs your brain, makes you forget your passwords, the  place you kept your keys or the day of the week it is……In a couple of days I will get my grip back, the time zones will reset again and the last 40 days will become just another ‘summer holiday’ . But before that happens , before my daily life reclaims me I am offered a unique chance. An opportunity to look at my life from the outside. The travellers lens are not yet off and they allow me to peep into my home, my cosy office, the unanswered mails that lie on my desk and the highlighted notifications in my inbox with a sense of detachment. A kind on non urgency pervades the air. As if another minute or another hour or even another day flying by will have no major effect.   The mountains I saw , the rivers I dipped my feet into, the wild woods I walked in seem to have rubbed their own sense of timelessness onto me… A sense that says Humans come and humans go… Nothing that takes place in our paltry lives compares to the hugeness of this world. And is thus insignificant! This will not last forever. Shortly the all important clock, that hangs on my living room wall will reclaim her place as the fulcrum of my life. But for now I am enjoying this feeling of being but a tourist in my own home… a visitor to my own life… of looking through a camera lens into this joyful world, I call mine 🙂


It may be a while before I unpack, catch up and start writing again. Saying hello to my blogging friends with this poem I wrote last year , almost same time http://https://justanotherwakeupcall.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/stains-from-a-holiday/






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  1. Hey it always happen and the tourist in us wake up after an enjoyable vacation:)

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