A funny thing

A funny thing happened on my way to work

As I sat in my car rumbling and grumbling about the psycho boss

Who praised seldom and shouted a lot

I saw a neighbor dressed in khaki

Bidding goodbye to his young family

Will he come back one never knows

Where in comparison to him stand my ‘job woes’


A funny thing happened to me today

Just as I finished shouting at my little boy

He forgot his home work and scattered his toys

The news broadcaster spoke of a bus filled with boys

That slammed into a train fatally

I looked at the tear streaked faces of moms on TV

And wondered somewhat guiltily

Did they too shout on their little boys

About unfinished homework and scattered toys?

A funny thing happened when I went to bed

Complaining about how I never get any rest

How my back hurt from house work and my feet ached

The magazine I picked to read opened on a page

A paraplegic’s face stared out at me

My aches then seemed like a blessing to me

They showed what god had bestowed on me

A working body that ‘en’ abled me

A funny thing happened on my way to the mall

On a red light crossing my car came to a halt

A naked baby carried astride the waist

Of a little girl hardly nine years of age  

Looked imploringly into my face

I lingered, my car stalled

In my mind’s eye I recalled

The pegs of clothes that hung carelessly on my walls

Suddenly I didn’t need to shop at all

A funny thing happened as I went to eat

in a fancy restaurant on an upmarket street

Dressed in formals I stood waiting in queue

I saw a simple food cart roll through

Its bell tinkling, pleasant smells wafted by

Bringing alive memories not yet old enough to die

When food meant something hot and cheap

To be shared with a gang of friends and purchased by heaps

Suddenly the five starred restaurant lost it’s Appeal

I ran behind the cart for a  hearty meal.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time was

‘A funny thing happened on my way to….’

14 Comments Add yours

    1. thank you perspectives and prejudices 🙂

  1. ZinalBhadra says:

    So touching, you are so clever with words

    1. Zinal, so nice to see you here. Thank you for your compliment! Though I wish I were actually clever with words. They have been giving me a lot of trouble these days 🙂

      1. ZinalBhadra says:

        Oh, you are! Believe you me!

  2. Horus says:

    simply awesome.. and heartfelt !

  3. You just made my day. Thanks . :-).Beautifully written.

  4. too good….keep writing more and more such words

  5. amira says:

    Beautifully written and what a heartfelt message.
    We need such funny things happening all through our days and life.

  6. Anita says:

    This is a wake-up call indeed.
    Not at all funny, very real, serious & true.
    Wonderfully shared. Congrats for WOW.

    1. thanks Anita! am glad you liked it

  7. This was special and marvelously done. I suspect if we tried we could all consider these and it would sit us back.

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