One of those days

There are days when everything seems wrong
There’s no solace in the sweetest songs
These days don’t come often
But when they do
Would you think me selfish god
If I come looking for you
You know me god
You know I am true
It’s just this
That I don’t often come to you
It’s not because I don’t believe
Infact it may be that
I believe too much in you
I believe you exist in everything
See everything I do
I hope today god
I hope my belief is true
Cause today is one of those days gods
One of the days I need you


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  1. These questions always plagued me the time I was a believer..kinda agnostic now with ways of the world. They say, The Almighty, test you!

    I loove the small things in life. A beautifully romantic end.

    1. I can never be an agnostic… I am a believer but a different kind of a believer… I have a theory that believers get tested more than others! don.t know if its true…
      btw – nice story!

      1. Thanks for liking it. That’s an interesting idea and I think we should discuss on belief some day. You got a point, though:)

  2. I am always searching, always seeking. These questions, they are at the heart of seekers. Love this.

    1. thank you Valentine 🙂 love it when you visit and leave me a little note!

  3. Your comment to Vishal pretty much sums up how I look at it too. Along with the poem that is 🙂 In case you were wondering, which one – I am a believer but a different kind of a believer – 🙂

    1. Glad to know I have company sid! What do you think about the second part of the comment

      1. You know what….I just had this discussion with my mom a few days ago. Long story short, I kept asking her if the person upstairs does in fact love believers, why do they test the same believers over and over again. It’s not like they’re going anywhere. Once in a while is fine 🙂

      2. I think the person upstairs is like most bosses. (I like that you used the word person instead of man) The most efficient workers get more work to do! 🙂

  4. Let’s just say,I’m very pro-gender equality. 🙂

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