Trying my hands at ‘Limericks’ – Writing 201

I have signed up for Writing 201: Poetry and though I am starting out four days late I intend to catch up! Here is assignment for day Four.  Prompt: Imperfect  ; Form: Limerick ;  Device: Enjambment.

I have always enjoyed limericks but never ever attempted to write one. Have written four for this assignment. Though the last line is two in ‘Clueless in Wakaloo” and “Bookworm’s Choice”.


Imperfect Me

Too short,  too thin

my crooked nose, my clumsy chin

Broadcasting to all

my many faults

Does putting me down make you win?


Perfect World

Song-less birds, Leaf-less trees

Fragrance – less flowers, Sting-less bees

Skies without white puffy clouds

Young minds devoid of  doubts

Anomalies – I wish never to see


Clueless in Wakaloo

Once an old man from Honaloo

Walked a thousand miles to Wakaloo

But when he got  there

He was filled with despair

Why he had traveled; he hadn’t a clue


A Bookworm’s Choice

There was once a bookworm named Ted

He loved to eat his breakfast in bed

Happily he gobbled on Stephen King

Rowley, Hemingway & Charles Dickens

Biting into Plath; he requested some Rumi instead

I would appreciate any tips and advice from seasoned poets.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. I liked the clueless one best because it had a nice rhythm and the last line was funny.

    1. I think I like that one the best too… Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. Annie says:

    I like “Clueless..” Because it rhymes well, but I also enjoyed Bookworm because it’s funny 🙂 good one!

    1. Thank you Annie! i don’t do funny often so I am glad I could manage funny. 🙂

      1. Annie says:

        You’re welcome! I don’t do funny either – funny doesn’t come naturally to me 🙂
        wait – too short? Short may be in stature but not in kindness and passion. Good things come in small packages 😀

      2. Thank you 🙂 You’re very sweet. coming over to pay you a visit…

      3. Annie says:

        You’re welcome!

  3. Alexander says:

    I think clueless was the best too – it’s really in the spirit of the limerick.

    1. True! I have always associated limericks with nonsensical and funny too. Thanks for stopping by Alexander.

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