The Lonely God

Here I sit upon the hill
Where I was placed so long ago
With rituals, ceremonies
And immense pomp and show

Much feared and celebrated
Everything  that happened  attributed to my ‘divine’ will
Bathed, anointed, glorified, so revered
That I lost sight of my own flaws, my innate failings

Each day I was inundated
With requests and with pleas
“A little more money”; “A good job”
“Please god some peace!”

I looked on helplessly
Wondering at the irony
Of men with brains and limbs
Begging from a ‘stone’ like me

I ‘left’ them to their fate
The human race
To hunger, to pine , to starve,
To cry, to die, destroy and hate

They bore it stoically
Their eyes  blind with devotion just couldn’t see
The paradox of my creators
Waiting for a ‘miracle’ from me

For long they bided for me to reveal my ‘holy’ plans
But when it finally seeped into their rhetoric drugged minds
That nothing could make me act
Not gifts, nor sacrifice, nor Time – They Left…

Their belief though vast turned out to be but finite
Their love though copious turned out to have a limit
Their patience though immense was tested

On the day when they could take my indifference no longer
When just seeing my stony face wasn’t enough
When the promise of a future heaven was no longer sufficient
They stopped coming

The children, men and women
In that order they fled
The priest hung on for a little while more
The  look he gave me as he went

Beseeching – As if to say  I am going too! now!
At least now take an action; prove you exist
Prove that the dreams I showed those people were real
Show that you care; that you are really there
That we are your children
And that you are in control of our lives

I remained silent
Stonily I watched as he too left
Now I sit alone ; Perched on my throne
Surrounded by the paraphernalia of their dead faith

A faith I didn’t deserve
A faith I didn’t deman
A faith that was thrust upon me
By the  statue maker’s hands

A faith that expected  miracles
From a piece of ‘stone’
A faith that absolved
Them of their own indolent ways
and hateful deeds

I can’t say I don’t miss them
Those faithfuls who called me ‘God’
The endless chants of ‘devotion’
Their long list of wants

Here I sit upon the hill
Forgotten and forlorn
I once had a billion  followers
Now I am – ‘Alone’

Writing 201 – Day 7

Prompt:Neighborhood                 Form: Ballad                   Device: Assonance

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Majka says:

    Beautiful poem, thank you for sharing

      1. Majka says:

        You are welcome!

    1. Thank you majka for reading it! And am glad you liked it 😊

  2. calmkate says:

    Deep and lovely, thank you! Brings back India so cleverly.

    1. Thank you ! Your comment makes me wonder if you Are familiar with India?

  3. Ahh, how I feel this in my heart and bones. Thank you for this one. It is so good to read you again.

    1. It feels very good to be back Valentine… I have missed you and my other blogging friends. Glad you liked this one 😊

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