The Perfect Dream


When you sleep

Huddled in bed

What is it

That you dream of?


The small smile

That plays on your lips

That one

Right there

What does that mean?


Is it a friend?

Playing a favorite game

A song, some birds

Do you know their names?

Or is it me?

Something funny I said


When you lie there

Face covered in curls

Do you dream of

Fancy tops that whirl

Talking dogs, gold dust swirls

Tickling fairies, magical feats

Or yummy ice cream treats


I watch you chuckle

I’m struck with awe

Of the wonderful world

That you are a part of

That contented look

The divine peace

Could only be

A perfect dream


Do you ride waves?

Or fly the wind

Cradle the moon

As stars stream in?

Climb rainbow ladders

With all your might

Fat cuddly clouds

Do they hug you tight?


And the other end when you reach

Do you find?

Fairy wings

All sparkly   white

Stretched out

To bounce on like a giant bed


Or do you dream

A different dream

An ideal world

We all live in

Happy kids

Ever smiling moms

Plenty of food

Education for all

Contentment, joy

Liberty and peace

No fights, no wars

No drunken brawls


What you dream of

I can only guess

But this my child

I must confess

In my world

Even in my dreams

There is nothing as sweet

As watching you sleep


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  1. Love the flow of words. Simple but so beautifully done.

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