She gazes

At the face


It’s unadulterated innocence

She gapes at

The transparency of her desires  – Obvious for all to see,


Unencumbered by practicalities of life

She marvels at

‘Her’ obvious trust

Unshaken yet by betrayal

‘Her’ faith In herself


‘Her’ confidence


She knows that Soon

‘This Girl’ will discover her own frailties

This foolish girl

Who believes in her own infinite wisdom and her ability to change the world

Will one day  be moulded

Into tiny finite cubes shaped perfectly to please the world

The world that she had hoped to change

Will  win

Crushing ‘her’ insurmountable spirit forever

But for now

‘Her’ face remains unlined with doubt

‘Her’ passions know no restrain

‘She’ hasn’t yet tasted defeat

There is joy in ‘her’ eyes

An honesty in ‘her’ smile

Confidence brims from ‘her’ every pore

She looks longingly

At the shot

The shot of a girl

That not so long ago

Was  Her.


Hi! I’ve been gone so long that I wonder if any of you remember me any longer? Was home for the weekend and scrolling through some posts when came across this post at The Daily Prompt. Wrote this one in response to ‘Envy’ at the Daily Post. Just my way of saying hello to all of  you 🙂

Image credit : http://www.wallconvert.com/wallpapers/girls/beautiful-girl-looking-through-the-window-20336.html


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Passionate and free. That’s how life should be and we should never let the ‘spirited us’ wane away:)

  2. The dictum I live by! Good to see you here

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