A Wishlist

I wish to
Chase ponies with golden manes
Run through meadows that know no end
Watch the sky as stars shoot out
Run up a hill to breathlessly look down
Listen to waves as they crash the shore
In a strange land while all alone
Stumble upon a childhood song
Cool wind against my face
Window seat by a  fireplace
Snow tipped  pines that whisper and wheeze
Squirrel that eats from the palm of my hand
Crush fresh grapes with my bare feet
Wade through cold mountain streams
Feel again the glow of first love                                                                                                                      Go back to being ‘indestructible’
A Tete a tete with a dear friend                                                                                                                     A mothers lap to rest my head
Laugh with kids till tears run down
Stare In the mirror to find
A heartfelt smile that beams at me
Read a book that makes me cry
Spy upon a birds first flight
Look across a room and see
A shy pair of eyes on me
Live again the moment when nothing is said
And yet all understood and all expressed

Starting this year with what comes easiest to me – poetry. Or at-least my version of it 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Maliny Mohan says:

    You have been absent for long! Or did I miss your posts? A sure evocative treat when I visit you again! Loved the poem 🙂 Happy New Year too!

    1. Nah! no posts. I’ve been missing 🙂 happy new year to you too.

  2. Amira says:

    May all your wishes come true Sapna. The list looks very doable. But I do understand sometimes even the most simple stuff can become such a mountain to overcome.
    Hugs 🙂

    1. simple stuff is the most difficult to accomplish

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