The Cat on the Moon

Almost no one is aware, On our moon – A cat is there!

She purrs gently and sleeps all day, But at dusk as  the world turns grey

And Mr. moon  begins to walk the sky, The wicked cat slyly opens her eyes

Meowing “I’m hungry for tiny girls and boys, Who forgot to tidy  up their toys”

Lazily stretching her feet, She stealthily walks through moonbeam streets

Using her soft padded paws, Silently  lands on Nursery floors

And if by chance she finds – A small, delicious, untidy  mind

She  licks it clean of every thought – Numbers, alphabets – all are lost!

When she is done eating her meal, She returns to the moon on cartwheels.

Contented, she rests there all day, Waiting for the sun to set away.


I am participating in Napowrimo -2017. The challenge for the Ninth day was to write a nine line poem. Asked the kids for a possible subject and they came up with ‘a cat’! The world, they say is divided into two – Dog lovers and cat lovers! Ours is a doggie house hold. we’ve never kept cats, never thought of them, so don’t ask me where that came from! Anyway, I managed to write something. It did run into ten lines, though 😦






6 Comments Add yours

  1. Hahaha! I love this! This was so delightfully fun!

    1. Thank you ‘ tea on neptune’ . I usually do boring, serious stuff so this is a good change for me too 🙂 by the way I live that blog name 👍

  2. lazychilly says:

    Delighful poem Sapney, absolutely delightful! keep it up girl

  3. Alok Singhal says:

    A delight to read this one 🙂

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