The Humble Wildflowers

Nor tall
Nor majestic
They grow
The humble wildflowers

Riot of colours
On Slender stalks
Making Weakness their strength
The humble wildflowers

Bending to the winds
In the darkness of the mighty oaks
Joyfully they nod
The humble wildflowers

In rock beds
Through bitter colds
Rough storms
They thrive
The humble wildflowers

No tourist seeks them
No Gardener plants them
Unappreciated, unsung
They flourish
The humble wildflowers

Untouched by jealousy
Unmindful of their own Insignificance
They bloom on
The humble wildflowers

Unassuming undemanding
Unmindful of glory
If only we could all be
Earthy like
The humble wildflowers

Spent the last six days in the beautiful valleys near Mukteshwar in Uttaranchal. The majestic views of snow capped Himalayan ranges was inspiring, as were the lush green forests of oaks and pines and the fruit heavy boughs of plum, peach and apple orchards. But the showstoppers were the vibrantly colored, abundant wild flowers. They stole my heart! 


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